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I am absolutely in love with this lipstick. She long attracted me for its unique compound color. Remember how long did not dare to apply it on the lips in front of a mirror to test. I absolutely could not imagine this color on your lips.

Drawing was (and still is) difficult because of the shape of the applicator. It’s too big and fluffy. With this important limit on the accuracy of the contour. Somehow, I managed quite exactly to apply it without the use of a brush for the first time. Turned out pretty good, I think.

The first test lipstick

I propose to consider the packaging and applicator:

Dior Addict Laquer Plump 898 midnight starАппликатор flat, pripuskayut wide and fluffy applicator

I bought the lipstick immediately after the test, still hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I doubt that I will often use this color. I wear it really often, but don’t regret never. Lipstick was inimitable.

Crazy blue-purple color with many small sequin blue, purple, and silver color. A real space!

Finding no counterpart, I decided to buy this lipstick. Apply it first applicator, and after adjusting the outline with a lip brush. Cope for a couple of minutes. Really like that it does not flow along the contour and I don’t use her pencil. Lipstick difficult to apply, plesivec account for layering. But I’m very happy with the result, and are willing to Tinker with the application for such a luxurious color.

Svetiksunny natural light

This is a photo from when I struck her for the first time in the store. It so I liked that I did not rinse and went home in it. Also check how comfortable I go with the same color. Really liked how it looks at night. The color becomes deep purple.

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On the face not a drop of makeup, just the lipstick.Makeup for a modest Halloween party

The durability is amazing. Despite the fact that the lipstick is not matte it still remains on the lips of eternity. Printed quite a bit. Sequins also not smeared all over his face, and remain exactly where it was applied the lipstick. Even if you strongly RUB the lips with a napkin will do just the metallic effect, and lips remain pink. Exactly the same as remains after eating blueberries, only a uniform ????


Ate 2 apples and after much rubbed his lips with a napkin

The pigment remains on the lips for a long time

Personally, I like this color did not like, so I prefer to either flush it completely or upgrade to the original color.

For the experiment I added gloss on top, but this color is not to my taste.

Glitter stays on Tinta

Another tiny experiment caused the remains with a brush on the eyes.

With this lipstick you can do a lot of experimentation in the make-up applying it on lips, eyes, even eyebrows, with different intensity. I love this product. He gives me so much confidence, courage and even a little audacity.

How do you feel about this color in lip makeup?

Pros — the color, durability, versatility

Cons — difficulty in applying

Rating is 5

Price — 1800 per Rive Gauche

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