Return hair to life with DSD de Luxe: 4.1 shampoo Dixidox De Luxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo and Dixidox 4.4 De Luxe Keratin Treatment Lotion

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This is my first purchase (forced) of hair care products from this price range. Bought on the advice of a trichologist so that the reviews are not read, and now want to “invest” in the common Fund and your. It is interesting — I ask under kat 🙂

A little background

I did not bother. At the Amateur level: shampoo/balm/mask — mass-market what kind of oil the type of oil or burdock Bay. And then began a terrible velosaped. To treat… no, not “treat” it I tried all the same Maselli, lotions and stuff. Just realized that all of this does not help, but the hair was almost half, I went to a trichologist.

After the campaign, I vowed not to treat any problems with oils, poultices, compresses and questionable stuff — as it turned out, all that I have exacerbated the problem, not solved it.

Just to clarify and point out important point by means of the DSD de Luxe I didn’t treat hair loss. The cause of hair loss was treated with a different set of tools. Shampoo and ampoules were purchased to restore the structure of hair (they were severely impaired), and prevention of loss in the future.

Ordered from the, I was pleased with several probes

4.1 Shampoo Dixidox De Luxe Keratin Treatment Shampoo


The packaging immediately clear pricing brand: thick matte cardboard with a glossy label, gold brand name. Plastic bottle is too thick and strong

A volume of 200 ml.

As all signs and information in foreign languages, there is a sticker with the translation.

The composition

Water, sodium Laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, medicines, sodium chloride, extract of Cayenne (chili) pepper, horse chestnut extract, tocopherol acetate, Biotin, horsetail extract, hydrolyzed keratin, Inositol, panthenol, placental extract, Royal jelly (Royal jelly), thiamine chloride, ascorbyl palmitate, Riboflavin, pyridoxine, yeast extract, adenosine, evkaliptola, nicotinamide, caffeine, hydrolyzed collagen, stearamide MEA, lecithin, glycol distearate, cocamide DEA, Coco-glucoside, cetrimonium chloride, glyceryl oleate, triethanolamine, quaternium-80, formaldehyde, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, citric acid, butyleneglycol, perfume, CI16255, CI 28440, CI 19140.

Dispenser I didn’t photograph, unfortunately, but it is very convenient — a button. This format allows you to dispense the product.

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The shampoo has a light scent of Royal jelly (in the form in which it is usually heard in cosmetics and medicine with its contents) and a light honey color.

Foam, but not very much — much weaker than the shampoos according to the type of Pantina, etc. the Smell while washing the hair is present, but the hair is not at all.

The frequency and duration of use

My head every day. In principle, the shampoo can be used every day. It does not extend the cleanliness of the hair, but does not reduce it. Happened (and happens) that the hair the evening kept fresh and basically looked normal on the second day, but it is not the action of the shampoo for sure. Used about 2 months (maybe slightly longer). First month — every time when washing hair (i.e., every day with rare exceptions), the second month is alternated with another shampoo (by permission of the trichologist, second his advice was Phyto). Not really saved, since accustomed to a large amount of foam


Shampoo manufacturer’s recommendation was applied and held for a couple minutes on the hair. The hair is not dry, but confused in the same way as any other shampoo and conditioner is absolutely necessary. To talk purely about the effect of the shampoo will not work — I used it simultaneously with the lotion (and therefore write a review of the joint). However, when in the second month hair restoration in introduced Phyto — difference in application of the DSD de Luxe and Phyto’t noticed. So basically shampoo it is possible to replace it with another pharmacy. That, in fact, encouraged — same Phyto is almost 3 times cheaper.

4.4 Dixidox De Luxe Keratin Treatment Lotion

The packaging looks the same as the packaging of shampoo.

Back exactly the same sticker with the translation


Alcohol denatured, water, placental protein, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, extract of Cayenne (chili) pepper, thiamine hydrochloride, Riboflavin, pyridoxine, yeast extract, nicotinamide, caffeine, salicylic acid, resorcinol, peg-40 gidrogenizirovannoe castor oil, fragrance, linalool, limonene, extract of oak moss, eugenol, CI 28440, CI 19140.

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Within 10 vials of 10 ml. there is Also a pipette (the rubber tip for capsules) and plastic protection for safe opening of ampoules (between the necks of the 2nd and 3rd ampoules). I must say that the color picker is simple, but conveniently dispenses lotion — nothing else follows.

The lotion is a colourless water, which has no odor.

The frequency and duration of use

The lotion was applied after one wash the head, i.e. in my case it turned out that through the day (again, with rare exceptions) on clean skin (i.e. no acne, no masks or any other skin cause is not necessary), lightly pre-dry the hair, in the middle. On the advice of the trichologist put a couple of drops along the length of the parting, and then pass the dermaroller (I had SRS Skin Roller System).

On average 1 ampoule can last up to 3 times, thus the packaging of the vials I had for 2 months when used every other day. The manufacturer recommends a course of 4 months, I was limited to 2.


The opinion I have developed after much of the year (SOU slow).

Generally while using this hair certainly had. BUT — within the rules — a couple of hairs during washing, a pair of during combing. The main velosaped stopped (but then again — I treated him before) and was not renewed. Now the hair is not spilling, if you use a good drugstore shampoo (I had a Phyto, I Dermedic). The main was what stopped to fall short (i.e. new, young) hairs.

After the 1st month of use, the trichologist did trichoscopy and I saw the difference — hair is smoother, took seluchenko on the scalp, “pecking” new hairs.

Now about the visual effect it makes it easier, since “down” has grown. Below the photo is an example of a Bang (pardon the photo quality is better I did not succeed). To understand the main length of the bangs below the eyebrows, those short hairs in the photo — all that trostle all this time (a year now).

I think that it is not only that it was “stimulated” to increase the means DSD de Luxe, but those hairs, the loss of which is able to prevent the lotion (as I wrote above, fell and young hair).

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Of course, this does not mean that if you now buy a lotion, then a year later the mane will be twice as thick. Alas, the tool allows you to retain or regain its own I don’t see how growing something “extra”. Unfortunately, my hair is pretty rare and thin — they are and remain so. The genetics of these funds will not interrupt.

Regarding the structure of the hair — the hair became stronger, went back the Shine that the hair has had time to lose during velosaped. They I was never particularly troublesome, but also especially beautiful, too, was not — quite a average hair.

Now with care not zealous — pharmacy shampoos, conditioners and masks — mass-market. Sometimes some sprays from the category of “to Shine”, “to Shine” or nasmehskami. On the tips if you do not forget the oil CHI. No longer use anything and the appearance of hair is quite normal.

Adequate photos of hair now there. All they found was a photo or September, or November. The hair in the photo has dried naturally, used leaving only air conditioning:


  • shampoo — about $ 35
  • lotion about 50.

Final opinion:

These funds will not make miracle, will not grow on the head new hair will not make it so that hair will be the cars to move like a rope. I don’t cook 🙂

But if there is a problem — they will help in its decision, return the original appearance of the hair, strengthen them. Stimulation of the growth rate — Yes there is. The intensity is there, but within the natural state of things.

The shampoo I don’t want to repeat — there are counterparts with equal levels of efficiency and a more pleasant price policy. But the lotion is likely to repeat, will help hair to cope with the winter vitamin deficiency, temperature changes, etc.

85$цена8/10оценка2 months, 15P/metallomesogen skin Type: Normal skin, without any problems

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