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This line I tested about a year ago, and I would like to share my impressions about it.

I think we should start with a description of the type of my hair at the moment:

  • scalp oily and sensitive;
  • the nature of the hair fine, smooth and straight;
  • natural volume minimum;
  • damaged (previously bleached);
  • length dry;
  • ends prone to splitting and breakage.

Sealing shampoo Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions Thickening Shampoo for thinning hair

Volume: 250 ml

The cost of ~ 940 rubles

The bottle is cylindrical in shape from high quality thick plastic, through which is visible the expense. The dispenser is great, my phone runs on 5+, is closed or opened by rotation.

The normal sulphate, but also soft Surfactants, plus 1 silicone.


As the active components stated:

  • RHAMNOSE is a plant sugar that helps to improve the quality of the scalp and hair follicles for the growth of more dense elastic fibers of the hair.
  • FILECAN innovative molecule able to penetrate the hair and contact with its protein structures are known for their ability to affect the density and diameter of hair.

This is froxen familiar to me on the line L’oreal Elseve wanted to restore. I not only composition could not find, but the Internet is no more or less accurate about that component, there is the idea that this is another marketing. But, on the other hand, if there are nano-robots that can find cancer cells in the body and kill them???? maybe vilokan is not a myth, and L’oreal it makes sense to keep such a development.

The consistency is thick, dense.

The texture of the gel.

Color translucent with a hint of caramel.

Flavor the one talking about “the Amateur”, a very rich and bright, I hear menthol and mint. The smell remains on the hair, but interrupt the perfume he is not capable.


My hair is to the shoulder blades, so that I only need 2 pumps. Shampoo, apply first to roots, foamed and washed the foam length. Foam is very good for the feeling of cleanliness and freshness of hair is enough for me one the washed.

My impressions, the result

I feel that the effect is very similar to a deep cleaning shampoo, the hair cuticle as much as possible opened, the hair is washed squeaky, but completely confused. Touch a little tighter, but not as soft as with other shampoos. The volume is also present, but only the first day after washing.

Initially I used the shampoo separately from the entire line, as all 3 products you need to apply on the scalp (and hair conditioner, and serum) and I wanted to assess the impact on the scalp is shampoo. And it’s all right, my head does not itch, the skin is not itchy, and no dandruff. My sensitive scalp feels great.

It is hard to call the cleansing of this shampoo is gentle and mild, I understand that in the line, the main function of shampoo is to remove hair impurities and to open the scales as much as possible for more effective action the next stages of the penetration of the balm and serum.

Perhaps using this shampoo is not worth more than two weeks, over time it begins to dry, as the silicones cease to accumulate and the hair (especially the ends) to suffer more from external influence, become hard and dry. And, in General, the entire line is aimed at density and as such caring qualities does not matter. In addition, the paint on the hair will be washed with this shampoo is much faster.

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The shampoo does not reduce my standard between hair wash (2 days). Hair fresh both days, or even a little longer.

Consumption for me is very economical for the first 2.5 weeks of use (about 10 washes) 15 of the bottle, then I used the shampoo every 2 weeks, and a year later I still have half the bottle.


I do not have high requirements on the shampoo, I don’t need the sealing of the cut ends, giving Shine, hydration and nutrition. And important only the following items:

  • soft and delicate cleansing;
  • the preservation of the purity within 2 days;
  • respect to the scalp.

With the last two paragraphs is no problem, additionally, the shampoo really seals the hair and adds a little volume but the price of the first item, if I had to rate shampoo deep cleaning, then my rating would be 5, but 4 is here!

Sealing shampoo Vichy Densi-Solutions to cope with the stated promises, but it’s better to alternate it with other shampoos and used no more than once a week.

Sealing I use Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions Restoring Thickening Balm

Volume: 150 ml

The cost of ~ 940 rubles

The packaging consists of cardboard boxes and plastic tubes, cover format flip-top. The plastic is high quality, dense, design eye-catching, but no frills. The dispenser hole is quite wide, the balm can be removed without problems almost to the last drop, but to retrieve the remains of the tube had to be cut.

The bottle has all the necessary information.

Actually, I don’t like to be exhausted with the analysis of formulations, as it is simply a list of components that may be quite different in quality, quantity and extraction technology and cooking. But still, the presence of ingredients claimed as active, check (marked them with a red underline)

  • RHAMNOSE is a monosaccharide of plant origin helps to improve the quality of the scalp.
  • PEPPERMINT — essential oil tones the scalp and has a refreshing effect.
  • CERAMIDES — naturally helps to strengthen hair.

Part as promised without parabens, silicones and dyes. By the way, QUATERNIUM-87 often mistakenly referred to as silicone, although the polymer (the larger structure of the molecule) and fully rinsed with water, and the hair is often used as an emulsifier.

The consistency is dense and of medium thickness.

The texture of the gel sliding.

Color white, translucent mother-of-pearl.

The aroma is similar to that of the shampoo, “the Amateur”, a very intense menthol-mint.


My hair is to the shoulder blades to balm enough for the entire length and scalp, I need amount of balm about a tablespoon. Absorbed the balm with no difficulties. But hair climbs more, especially when used the balm with the same shampoo. I don’t believe in the ability of cosmetics to call or stop hair loss and understand that all of these got out the hair would still left my head, but a couple of days later. Still, with the balms/masks, which apply the length of such events.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the cooling effect, for me, chill has a pleasant, refreshing and not hot. The feeling of chilliness lasts for 10 minutes after rinsing, and then the effect resumes with application of serum-spray Densi-Solutions.

My impressions, the result

If you use a balm with a “native” shampoo was attended by even more volume, but as the shampoo I was more reminded gosh, I replaced it with another.

For self-use balm droplets do not weigh down the hair and does not reduce my usual period between hair wash (2 days). The hair does not look slick, basal part of the hair is not thick faster.

And now about the density. Honestly, I was convinced that the density, i.e. the thickness of hair is genetic and cannot be changed. But, on the other hand…

Hair really become tighter on a photo it is hardly possible to trace the difference, but very noticeable tactile hair seemed to become more. I would compare this density with freshly painted hair.

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Caregiver quality of this balm is minimized, which in my opinion should be carried out by any balm. Well-combed hair, soft to the touch and smooth sheen is present. BUT not enough hydration and nutrition, the tips suffer a great deal. Because of this lie hair to hair, a little shove and stand apart from the common hairstyles.

I would like a more pronounced and deep moisturizing effect. Apparently, a ceramide (ceramides) can partially restore damaged areas of the hair, organize a film on the surface of the hair, but to retain or add moisture not in their competence. Still, ceramides are the most effective in permanent care. It is a pity that the balm is able only to maintain the hair in good condition and for really damaged hair, this care will not be enough.

On the painted hair effect density are also noticeable, it is cumulative. And that hair was not only dense, but also well hydrated, I started to put on top of the balm Vichy silicone mask Estelle. Visually, the hair looks good.

Balm liked it, would buy it again, it works perfectly and apart from the whole gamut, especially in a well-chosen, appropriate care.

Try sealing restorative balsam Vichy Densi-Solutions, because it really seals the hair and does not weigh down of them, plus well-combed hair, soft to the touch and shiny. What else do you need from the balm?..

My rating: 4 of 5

Serum for hair growth Vichy Dercos Densi-Mass Solutions Hair Recreating Concentrate

Volume: 100 ml

Cost ~ 2800 rubles

Packaging includes a cardboard box and the bottle of serum. The plastic is semitransparent, very handy when visible expenditures. The stylish, eye-catching.

The dispenser is of excellent quality, has a special protective limiter. This form of the nozzle makes applying to the scalp the most convenient, accurately directed. Spraying very small.

The bottle has all the necessary information.


Among the active components:

RESVERATROL — 4th place finish.

  • powerful antioxidant from the Japanese reynoutria, prevents damage to the scalp from free radicals and enhances the action Steamoxygen

And again “personal” molecule of the L’oreal group, STEAMOXYGEN 5% — is on 3 place in the squad.

Almost all lines against hair loss and for hair growth of the group l’oreal as the active ingredient appears steamoxygen (vichy dercos neogenic, redken cerafill retaliate by l’oreal professionnel serioxyl, kerastase densiflque).

The consistency and texture as regular water.

The color is almost transparent with some hint of a caramel taste.

The scent… the first thing I hear alcohol there is not ALCOHOL in the bottle even have a badge

“flammable”, so I’m not exaggerating, then the smell returns to normal for this line, intense minty-menthol, perhaps with a touch of ginger and lemongrass. For more than 1.5 months using a ruler, I had come to love that smell.

Reflections on the theme of hair growth… can be omitted.

In General, the topic of hair growth is very extensive and for me personally it has a lot of white spots. My personal experience shows that the most effective way of increasing hair growth is scalp massage not necessarily, but preferably with some heating or cooling components that will tone the skin and stimulate even more blood flow (and with it the necessary substances for growth) to hair follicles.

Perhaps, it is not only the most effective method, but only effective that you can apply outside, there is not only need of serum for 3 thousand rubles, because no component will be able to overcome the epidermal barrier of the skin and penetrate to hair follicle. Therefore, to nourish hair from the inside, balanced diet containing the necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrition is the solution to many problems with the appearance.

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In addition, as the thickness of hair and amount of these hair follicles is genetically determined and change this number impossible. And, in fact, “sleeping” hair follicles exist, it just means that this hair is at the stage of stay (average 3 months) and soon will still go to growth. Read more information about the stage of growth is possible just by driving in the search engine “stage of hair growth”.

The active component of serum STEAMOXYGEN just need to reduce the presence of hair in a stage of rest (telogen). But how to overcome the epidermal barrier? Perhaps alcohol, which is composed of more than water, serves as a guide and breaks down the lipid layers between the cells — the basis of this epidermal barrier…

Continue to discuss this topic I will not, because I don’t have sufficient information and laboratory even medieval level for clinical trials ????

Let us return to the subject of the opinion.


I followed the instructions on the package, doing 15-20 taps for 1 application and neat massage movements distribute the serum over the entire surface of the scalp.

If the balm Densi solution had only a cooling effect, the serum is first amplified, and then the chill goes into a pleasant, but a palpable warmth (not burning!). The feeling is absolutely not uncomfortable, lasts about 10-15 minutes.

My experience

Balm and serum I used along for 3 weeks, then ran out of conditioner and I used the serum 2 weeks separately, i.e. serum enough for 5 weeks of use.

Used in a day, namely, after each washing hair, clean skin is more receptive to active ingredients, and, consequently, more sensitive. But nothing happened, scalp reacted positively from alcohol-containing serum did not appear any irritation or itching, no more dandruff.

The serum nourishes the hair, leaves no greasiness or stickiness. In addition, there is a natural amount of hair. Hair was dirty, as usual, the period of washing hair every 2 days has not changed.

The result of the action

Just write some stunning effect serum to no avail.

My hair is growing slowly enough: summer — 10-12 mm, in winter — 5-8 mm. I Now have a maximum length of hair that I was really a little over two years ago, I already had a length approaching that, if not for the sharp desire for change in appearance (haircut, the lightening from henna-dimming), but now the length would be higher. In principle, the problem of slow growth of hair worries me less problems constantly oblamyvanija ends, which growth sometimes do not notice. ????

For a month the hair industry is somewhere in the usual 5-8 mm, easy to monitor, so I dyed my hair a month ago. Accordingly, it becomes more visible and protruding, previously grown new hairs. There are very short hairs (less than 5 mm) that appeared on the hairline.

An important factor influencing the effectiveness is the regularity of usage, and the manufacturer for some reason does not light on the packaging this time. Maybe the serum should be used daily, not in a day like I do.

In General, to name the serum ineffective I can’t, because the new hairs appeared and the overall growth for the winter time good, but the effect of it not as WOW as stated on the package, but something tells me that a similar effect would be given and regular massage of the scalp with a cheaper brand. So it confuses me only the price of the serum, in my opinion, it is overpriced.


Given all of the nuances, I still liked serum for hair growth Vichy Densi-Solutions, it really stimulates hair growth (at least due to the effect of cooling-warming) and does not cause problems with the scalp. The result in the form of new hairs at the hairline makes me very happy!

My rating: 4 of 5

I hope to be useful. All gorgeous beautiful hair!

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