Review of the new mascara some mascara with false lash effect, Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils The Curler

By nature I have only four lashes and I am forever searching for new tools that would do wonders for mythin, straight, short, blond, thin, crooked growing (underline) eyelashes gain volume, length and curve. Capacity, prostaglandins and other procedures not considered, so the mascara. A lot of different mascaras)

A little of all the above — one eyelash I still cut because it grows down and covers the eyes and review)

In my hands was a miniature black mascara 2ml, which I looked askance in the shop — I was attracted to the brush, which shone through the black ink, neon pink color.

Separately want to say about the brush — it is very, very unusual. In the form of… boats.

At first, I was tempted to doubt, how this boat to paint small eyes, but the fear behind me. The brush is very functional and comfortable, you just have to get used to. Concave silicone, the bristles located on both sides and on the sides, too. The sides are rounded and short, they are convenient to paint the lower lashes,if any.

This brush was easy to spread out the lashes like a fan, or a brush to the outer corner of the eye. Direction keeps.

What we have, and nothing:

The brush in two light layers:

My lashes slightly stuck together, but I glue ALL carcasses, except frankly dying. It is easy to explain: they do not stick to one dredu if there are only four??

Bending gives, that’s for sure. Stain two times, paying attention to the base of the eyelashes, the frame of the mascara lifts them a few hours and holds a slight curl) Terrible macro:

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Brush good gaining product and on each side I removed the excess, as specifically for my eyelashes a lot. But if you have thick and long mascara is typed as time. Aroma delicate, subtle and pleasant. The texture is creamy, not runny and not dry.

For me a good mascara — if it is not imprinted on my heavy century and no flaking throughout the day. For the heroine of this post is not seen and it is whitelisted!

Long ago I had mascara marks and remember, like many others, I complained that after a month it dried out. Can’t tell you how to behave in the new, yet use less than a month, but often open and specifications have not changed.

The time will come — will take use this product in the brown shade.

In General, everything looks more than worthy, even the eyelashes are visible on the eyes, there is a twist and a hint of volume:

Evaluation: 5- (the hope was that not glued)

Price: 1700 RUB for a full-sized product.

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