Review tomato greenhouses: Listya i Chernoy Smorodiny Tomata (tomato Leaves and black currant) Brocard

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Good day, girls!

Today I want to share their emotions caused by the fragrance “Leaves of tomato and blackcurrant” from Brocard.

Listya Tomata i Chernoy Smorodiny from Brocard

Full product name: Listya i Chernoy Smorodiny Tomata (tomato Leaves and black currant) Brocard

Notes: the tomato leaf, currant, mint, orange, thyme, Jasmine, musk

The group of aroma: floral green

Perfumer: Michel Gouges

Release date: 2017

Listya Tomata i Chernoy Smorodiny from Brocard

Very much I love the smell of black currant leaves and tomato tops. So breathlessly waited for the sale of the collection “Scents of nature”. The whole line then did not buy. There, by the way, in addition to the described perfume includes: “wild strawberry and wild herbs”, “Antonovka and meadow strawberry”, “blackcurrant and mint.”

Listya Tomata i Chernoy Smorodiny Brocard


The tomato leaves

Aroma. Tart, spicy, full-bodied. It combines the brightness of spice and juicy fruits, the warm sun warmed the earth, the moisture short summer rains. Unique shade of this smell — salty tone, fresh like the wind from the sea.

Mood. The soft smell of tomato leaves — warm, earthy, comforting. I could smell the palm of a kind and powerful goddess of fertility. Fragrant water with unusual, but so familiar aroma brings memories of Sunny summer holidays at your grandmother, to relax after a pleasant worries.

Black currant

Aroma. Spicy, warm, with good acidity on the tip of my tongue. The sweetness of the berries is summery light and tart flavor of black currant leaf adds a touch wayward. Train garden smells unexpectedly deep, how mysterious the twilight color of ripe berries.

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Mood. Currant loves light and she absorbs like a warm July sun. The flavor “Black currant” — the serenity of the summer holidays, when all the worries is to gather the ripened berries. And to figure out what to do with them: bake a cake grandma recipe to make jam, which in winter will move right into the summer, and can be stretched under the sweet-scented currant Bush and eat a Cup of juicy berries right now.

Nothing extraordinary from the aroma did not expect, took the “for collections”.

First, clearly felt sour, the skin is a mixture of scents of currant leaf and tomato tops (which made me very happy). Toilet water is unstable. After 4 hours the scent on the skin is not felt at all. To agree with the manufacturer that the perfume tart and spicy I can’t. But a light veil of “funny taste” caught. ????

This perfume use as interior. ???? To create a “special nostalgic atmosphere” perfectly and the feeling of presence in a tomato greenhouse.

P. S. the line “Aromas of nature” has replenished with two bottles of “the Tulip and Mimosa”, “sea-Buckthorn berries and gooseberries”.

And that such sets (fan leaves and currants in me rejoices):

The “Black currant and mint” Brocard

Price: 244 roubles for 100 ml.

Rating: 5!

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