Revlon is a new perfume Prerogative from Britney Spears

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Earlier this month, an international cosmetics company Revlon has signed a partnership agreement with the pop culture icon Britney Spears. The result is nominal under this label, and will be a new perfume the singer’s Prerogative. Recall that in the past month, Revlon has launched a new cosmetic brand.

A new perfume has a rather sophisticated and exotic combination of flavors. In particular, the Eastern amber scent underscored woody base note and is complemented by a fruity top note of perfume. In addition, this aromatic combination also blends the smell of red Calla lilies. It is noteworthy that according to the manufacturer, the spirits are gender neutral, in other words, they are suitable for both women and men.

Claim to originality also design perfume with sharp edges of the bottle and rounded forms the cap.

Executive Vice President at Revlon Global marketing Ron Rolleston said on an interview: “the Portfolio of fragrances of the brand Britney Spears is evolving with each new flavor. In this campaign we focus on confidence, flexibility and individuality that Britney has demonstrated throughout his career. From design and flavor to the concept of the campaign, the spirits Prerogative is all about the destructiveness of stereotypes.”

The aroma of available online Walmart and to buy online stores from the United States since July. It will also be available for sale in stores and Kohl on the website since August of this year. The Revlon company also will conduct a number of advertising campaigns with the participation of Britney Spears over the next few months to promote in the market the aroma of the Prerogative. The release of a new perfume – this is another step in attracting new customers and strengthening loyalty of fans of the Revlon products.

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Itself Britney Spears said: “Spirits Prerogative is to expand the rights and opportunities of women and about confidence, we all deserve to feel free and strong.” Recall that the singer creates fragrances for over ten years, since 2004, and currently offers 23 perfume, which is available in 85 countries around the world.

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