Rhapsody: Kathleen Lights Colourpop shadows Where the night is (Weenie, Porter, Midnight, Telepathy)

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Continue to dismantle their stockpiles Colorpop)) No, well, I find it very difficult to restrain themselves in periods of favorable stock and nice promotions, so forgive me limp Shopaholic and meet the new post. Today — again favorite eye shadow Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, namely the set of Kathleen Lights Where the night is

From Colourpop very often there are great collaborations, and this is no exception.

The set was packaged in a small box made of matte cardboard. Modest, unpretentious, but stylish) I think a great gift idea for the makeup artist or lover of makeup)

On the reverse side — description of the shades and ingredients.

4 great shades that shamelessly stole my heart))

The marketing of the brand working 100% as complete sets of shades makes dropping and drooling without regard to anything, the choice is for lovers Nude, and for fans of the color.

This set seemed very autumn, languid, grunge and totally boring. Take a closer look?

Weenie. Slightly dirty, warm pinkish copper metallic. The texture is homogeneous, falls well Blendable softly. Just perfect for a one-minute make-up perfectly applied with a finger. Also looks good as a base color or under the arrow. Can’t say that it’s universal but will fit most.

Telepathy. Yellow, cool, old gold. Unusual, attractive and alluring color shade, the texture is also great metallic. In its purest form for me is too yellow, and turns into a cat Basilio, but as accents are very good.

Porter. Deep wine-Burgundy matte tone with splashes of glitter. Love this effect, looks very cool in makeup. In addition to that it is make a beautiful Smokey, this shade is great to darken the area or folds.

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Midnight. Gray-green, marsh, khaki matte with the addition of cold gold and silver glitter. Subdued, calm and harmonious sparkling hue with a slight twist. I so liked that used it in its pure form, without interrupting other colors.

Swatch in different lighting conditions

With textures everything is well placed and well become flustered, durability on top, absolutely all the colors in the set seamlessly. Despite the atypical color scheme, it is possible to perform a sufficiently large number of diverse makeup.

TherePorter, and Telepathy in the inner corners. Add black pencil and Hello rockers) In my life by the way mega wearable. Also I wear very oftenPorter in pure form, more feathered only on the upper eyelid.

Another vital option if you do sudovye lips instead of the heritage of Tutankhamun. Midnight solo, just a finger, without any substrate. Fast, simple, stylish)

I love this glitter)

Here Weenie all over the eyelid, Porter in the outer corners, Telepathy in the interior. Variation of color make up)

Set I am very pleased with all shades of beautiful, interesting and give a great base for creative flights))) by the Way, all shadows are sold individually, so if You sunk into the soul of a particular tone, find it not difficult)

Price: $18, I bought at a discount of about $14

Term test: more than a year

Rating: 5+

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