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When I was a year ago looked at other people’s reviews on the palette Venus 2 from Lime Crime, I could not think what dare to order it yourself. Although the colors looked very original and stood out among the mass of other palettes, I suspected that these colors for me can be really wearable. A year has passed and I already feel quite confident with a bright eye makeup, and the second Venus was in my hands as a result of “chernopyatnichnogo” discounts. Looking ahead, I can say that at the moment is probably the most exciting make up my mind acquisition in the past six months. View Swatch and see how I use this palette in your life?

Palette Lime Crime Venus 2 contains 8 soul school weighing 2 g, and her ‘sisters’ Venus and the Venus 3. The shade made in the USA, cosmetics are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals. Initially, the box of shadows Packed in a plastic pocket, and has a clear plastic liner to protect the mirror from getting shadows.

Personally, I really like the packaging design of the entire series of charts Venus. But the second Venus was particularly “rock’n’roll” ???? Cardboard box is securely locked to the magnet and doesn’t appear randomly in your bag or purse. The only drawback of the packaging for me personally, they are not just closed the first time due to the fact that the cardboard bend as it folds the entire thickness of the samples (who knows — he will understand! ???? ).

The composition of shadows and further details can be found on the reverse side of the palette.

Start to review themselves shades. For the inexperienced user of coloured shadows this set of colors might seem a bit complicated and not very casual — so initially thought I was. But emboldened during the year and becoming to use a bright shade not only on holidays, I looked at the Venus 2 has a different way.

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Daylight, in the back of the room.Winter sun. Daylight, specially the blur to show shimmer.

When I removed the Swatch on the hand I realized that the shades on the eyelids look much better, but of course has value, and the method of application. Swatch below is done on dry skin — in two-touch the palette with your finger and layering with a dry brush.

The top row of the palette Lime Crime Venus 2: Pigeon, Filter, Marsh, Mustard (daylight). Shade of Pigeon, with a dry coating of the turquoise glare visible weaker, but on the eyelid reveals (daylight).

Pigeon — brick-turquoise duochrome, satin. Deep and at the same time delicate shade without obvious shimmer. They can be easy to do eye makeup without having to use other shadows.

Filter — matte-satin slightly razbelennye sky blue with silver micro shimmer. On the skin, Microtimer not noticeable, but the color looks the same as in refile, I like to use to focus on the lower eyelid.

Marsh — matte satin moss green color with Golden micro shimmer. Shimmer gold though, but basically only adds volume to the shade itself green base rather cold, disappearing into the gray. No problems with the application, but for some reason until the hand it extends to the least.

Mustard — delicious mustard matte. Tell you a secret, for the most part, took the palette from it and never disappointed! Again, the color is transferred perfectly to the eyelid, the shade can be layered, and feather “in the skin”.

The bottom row of the palette Lime Crime Venus 2: Fly, Jam, Mud, Boot (daylight). Hue Boot — spark shimmer is only visible under a certain angle (daylight).Fly shade (daylight).

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Fly — pale gold satin with the green (which is best seen in refile). A very good title, it looks indeed like the wing of a fly or dragonfly. It’s easy to make a pretty neutral makeup and it is light enough to use for the inner corner of the eye. And periodically gently DAB it as a highlighter on the cheekbones — green tint is almost imperceptible, but the highlighter echoes the eye makeup

Jam — a rich brick-orange, even Rowan, matte finish. No complaints, same business shade and Mustard and combine well with it as with both satin fabrics.

Mud — red-brown matte. Well suited for darkening the crease with any other lighter shade from the palette.

Boot — matte black with a scattering of purple and blue shimmer. Pigmentation is average (i.e. not as saturated as the hue Noir palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills), on the skin it even more graphite. The most controversial shade in the palette, as with many other shades in this formula — the glitter does not migrate to the skin in the same form as in refile. It only remains to use it as “just black”, i.e. to darken the outer corner, to highlight the ciliary line. But it is worth remembering that some of the sparkles still appear on the eyelid or under it.

Davoi light (winter sun), the photo in the back of the room.

The shades are highly pigmented, don’t dust with a brush and well on the eyelids and become flustered with each other. Under eyes no flaking, except in rare sequin of hue Boot. I always use a base under the shadows (now NYX HD) on it durability is excellent.

In the visible range of shades, they really are great together. I use this palette both independently and combining with other shadows, and I can say that Venus II is able to diversify any collection. She inspires me not only in looks, but also to upgrade the wardrobe ????

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Mustard all over the upper eyelid darkening creases shades of Mud and Boot (separate sequins slightly visible), Jam on the lower eyelid, Fly in the inner corner and as a highlighter. Sorry, not the best artificial light, but the shades look like in real life.My favorite <3 — Mustard on the upper eyelid, dimming Mud, Filter along nieneo century, a little Fly in the inner corner of the eye (neutral light ring lamp). Below is that same makeup, just a picture of the phone.

Across the upper eyelid shade Pigeon, shade pleat shade Marsh (as planned, he gave the taupe shade combined with the base Pigeon), he’s on the lower eyelid, where the Fly extended from the inner corner of the eyes just peeking out green notes in this shade (neutral light ring lamp). Jam, Mustard and Fly, everything is clear 🙂 (daylight).Filter closer to the inner corner of the eyes, shading the Marsh shade, blackout shade Boot (neutral light ring lamp).Exit the comfort zone >_<a Good pigmentation of the shadows may be layered to your desired intensity
-The shade does not raise dust.
-A unique set of colors
The shades blend well and become flustered with a friend of drush
-High-quality palette with mirror
-Large amount of soul school-an Unnecessary glitter in the shade to Boot
-Not always convenient to close the palette

Period of use: 1.5 months

Price: $38 for of. the website

Rating: 5! my lyuboff

If there’s still fans of the “alternative” of colors of eye shadow for everyday use?

Thanks for reading!


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