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Another promised review.

Little-known in Russia Japanese brand RMK me all beckons and beckons. Basically the Japanese capture the attention of its flagships, the type of Suqqu, Three, Lunasol and other. RMK know much less or know, but little love. Mainly for the brush. A little love for their slightly strange collection, forms and General filing. I confess, I miss a lot of things they have in collections, but a little bit buying particularly any instances, even of tenure, for example, as data blusher or lip gloss, which I already showed.

Cases RMK — the dream of the staff, all the fingerprints will be collected immediately. A bit futuristic, sleek, cool, in a word, in the spirit of the brand.

But so fragile and ergonomically very nice to hold in hands!

RMK Cheek Color Perfomance 02 Red Coral is the perfect mix for all four seasons. The emphasis on the right side — and, Hello, winter; on the right — welcome, summer!

Both extreme sector pretty harsh, and it is good, they are very pigmentirovannyj, and if it would be soft, then they would be easy to overdo it. Medium shade always balances, it is soft, perfectly dilutes the neighbors when necessary, and also you can use it solo as a highlighter. Additionally, the side shades are quite dry, while foxily sector almost opaque, and pale pink is much softer and generally in the spirit of familiar and beloved Suqqu, where here it is: the silk, the softness and sheer happiness and tenderness in terms of texture.

Regular brush is soft and gentle, but I almost never use. I love my ball, D&G, she is a bit prickly, but she is gaining any mix of textures and quality of their shade.

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The intensity and the color temperature can be varied depending on the image, skin tones, the mood, finally. A very versatile instance. I especially love, mostly when you know, to work make up, but still sleepy and thinking there is no way, the hands often are drawn to such sticks-vyruchalochka.

The finish of the delicately radiant, stays intact till the evening. Very refreshing. Plus the ease of operation and Perfomance RMK Cheek Color 02 Red Coral become the favorites in the purse, easily outpacing the other instances. Although, that really there, they’re all favorites)) so I Usually mix all three sectors in roughly equal amounts — so gives a very natural blush, my favorite option. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and blending it on the field of the native glow and fresh look of the living person is provided.

And in another make-up:

Are you familiar with RMK?

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