Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette Luna

If there is such a brand that tries to produce products in strict accordance with the concept of “elegant classics”, that’s for sure Rouge Bunny Rouge. Year after year we see brands try to impress the customers with brightness of colors, depth of color, new trends, design boxes and products themselves, but it’s not about RBR. Here are not looking for trends, and rely on calm basic range of shades, ideal for the daily make-up, and will be appropriate for any important event.

The latest addition to the brand palette matte shadows Luna is a fully embodies the brand philosophy. 5 basic shades is presented in a matte version, but what is most interesting — the whole range is completely cold, what distinguishes this one from those basic shadows that I have.

Sophisticated and beautiful packaging in the style of an enchanted garden, these delicate motifs are repeated in all packages of the brand and perhaps RBR is my personal favorite in the design of your case. Plus, the monogram of the brand is embossed on each sector of the shadows. Erased immediately.

The shade of smallest grinding and this is the closest RBR of the European brands in this respect close to the Japanese. Only the latter is more pronounced satin Shine here thanks to the matte texture is obtained pure soft silk.


The kit includes bilateral sponge, which personally for me is not functional, but in cases of emergency, when all of a sudden forgotten the house of brush, and makeup is required, then it is adequately possible to put the product on the eyelids.

Let’s take a closer look at the shades



— Heather grey

— cocoa with milk

— gray-brown


All the shades have good pigmentation, even the light. They are easily typed on a brush and dust minimum when set for fine grind, but do not crumble during application. With this range of shades not scatter, and it is not assumed, here we have a palette created specifically for a natural makeup, which will not be evident, but at the same time accentuate the image.

The shade is very thin fall on the lid, during the day, does not crumble, do not fade (paint to their home base), don’t hide in the folds of the century.

With this palette and I want to collect the hair in a soft bun and put on a suit. That’s why she’s so fond of for office makeup, especially when you need to gather for a meeting. In a General way, nothing to distract you.

Despite the fine grinding, and the softness of the shadows, the darkest shade is easy to draw the arrows. The palette is very complimentary to brown eyes.

Especially the fact that despite the fact that the palette is completely matte, the shadows do not resemble the flour on the eyes, well kept throughout a long day at work and an important event will not let you down.

Price: 2940 rubles with a maximum discount

Your Nadya

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