Rouge Dior Rouge 436 Ultra Ultra Trouble. Lipstick in the shade “red tail Fox”

Hello, girls!

Over the past five years I have not bought any Dior. Despite the fact that papadomanolakis I do not consider myself (there are 41 books in the box), it’s weird. Marche whole sympathize, but dorowski the stands with lipsticks not pulled.

Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra first drew the attention of a bright red case. Everyone who still experience frustration when the memories of last year’s red Chanel cases, there is a great opportunity to close your personal aesthetic Gestalt.

Rouge Dior Rouge declared as Ultra ultra-resistant (12 hours) and ultra bright lipstick, water-based. Parallel to this, the manufacturer promises comfort and hydration. In short, nothing new, we are used to such promises with the release of each of the first second lipstick.

Let’s start with design… classic case, classic red color with silver insert, cap, CD, on the ass — the name and number of the shade.

Stick thin, twisting smoothly, I love this mechanism.

This shade is called Ultra-436 trouble (loosely translated — “ultra exciting”). I’ve been like “adult” and complex tone. Looking for many brands. As soon as I saw dorowski tester in the window, the first words spoken in my mind was: “Here it is! The shade of the tail of a red Fox!”.

Swatch on hand:

Daylight, no direct sunlightRed Fox in the sun

Lipstick covers the lips with pigment first PAP smear, easy to apply, gently glides on the lips. The pigment is really bright. There is a very easy fondant smell.

At the finish is declared as radiant, semi-matte. Think manufacturer quite managed to bring this effect to life. Lipstick is and looks when it sits: somewhere between creamy and powdery texture (polumat), satin glow, there is glitter.

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Texture tightens lips, quite comfortable throughout wear.

However, I should note that the resistance (remember, I pointed out above promises brand — 12 hours) lipsticks do not possess. Who would doubt. My max 4-5 hours without eating.

However, if you add active conversations, the lipstick will lose its original perfect form in about three hours. Printed on mugs and cheeks of the man she loved.

When eating try not to delete. Summary: remains a bright rim around the edges of your lip, in the center and mucous going.

This is the case when the lipstick requires a pencil. More precisely, let’s just say… things get better and more reliable. So that was the outline of my lips after 3 hours of active communication (without a pencil):

The bottom loop is already fuzzy, it requires extra fixate on the edge.

In color I’m in love. This is the warm reddish-red-bronze shade that many women believe age and this day. I find it vintage-charming. And the color I like and in the sun (when appear the bright orange note), and in cloudy weather (when on his lips the fore brownish-red component).

Removed the lipstick is standard, much difficulty bright pigment does not deliver.

Lips not dry, not peeling stresses, lightly hydrates (assuming that your lips are in good condition and of extreme moisture, you don’t need).

Subjectively I would put lipstick something among five with a minus and a solid four. On a most scale — the stunning color, easy to apply, comfortable texture. On another lighter wicking, which are the place to be after 3-4 hours.

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Name — Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge shade 436 Utra Trouble

Weight — 3,2 gr.

Production — France

Price — 2 000 RUB. with a maximum discount, 2 600 — full price.


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