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Despite the fact that my skin is quite dark and fortunately only rarely burns. I’m still trying not to neglect my tan and always protect every square centimeter of your body from the sun.

This time with me in went on vacation the product from the brand Lancaster, or rather, sun oil for body Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF30.

I admit, the products of the brand Lancaster I tried for the first time. And now I think, what I later came to her! ????

What impressed me so this means — read on.

So, Sun oil for body Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF30.

The reverse side of the bottle

The oil is placed in a plastic bottle with a convenient spray bottle. Originally comes in a cardboard box with instructions in all languages.

Volume: 150ml

Production: Monaco

The product is suitable for all skin types and also for men. In fact, my husband enjoyed them in turn.

Thanks SPF30 this gentle oil can be applied from the first days of vacation. If you have, for example, light skin (like my husband) do not be afraid of him burn. With fair skin it also helps to get an even tan without damage to health. If you already have a light tan oil will help strengthen it, giving a nice bronze color without the nasty bit

The consistency of the oil is non-greasy. Thanks to the spray it is conveniently sprayed, quickly absorbed, it does not leave marks on clothing.

The skin is shimmering, the entire surface is long and shines beautifully.

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The means are non-comedogenic and, therefore, is well suited to people with oily skin.

Renew every 2-3 hours and after swimming.

What’s in it?

To activate the sun:

  • Complex gelitan (rich in amino acids, trace elements, minerals)
  • Biotanning (sweet orange extract) and oil Buriti.

For moisturizing:

  • Glycerin


Infrared protection thanks to the double action, reflects and neutralizes the IR-a rays and free radicals formed by UV rays.

Three physical filter: ruby powder, titanium dioxide, pearlescent pigment.

Spray the oil on the skin

The oil lay on the skin

I am especially pleased that this product is alcohol, in this case combines protection SPF30!

Fragrance oil is distinctive enough, breathing it in, mentally transported to the beach is something vaguely citrus and floral and warm. He gently, at odds for several minutes while you RUB the oil on the skin.

Tanned legs with Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF30.

The only thing but — the tool is not particularly economical. But it can be used to the last drop, the bottle spins easily.

In summary, I think oil Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF30

delicate effektivnym stay in the sun.

With him the sun appears quite quickly. Skin after use is not dry, but rather moist. No puckering and dryness. Quickly absorbed, has a hauntingly rich aroma and contains no harmful substances.

Rating: 5

Period of use: within 1,5 months every day.

Price: with a discount of 1 299 RUB.

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