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Hi all, long time using double eyeshadow brand Tom Ford, who immediately sunk into my soul handles often drawn to them, and they are composed of two parts, upper powder, and lower — cream, a very convenient format for traveling.

Packing made of high quality plastic, the upper opening parts have a mirror on the top, you notice the logo of the brand in gold, the inscription was present at the bottom, but in the process of using erased.

Now consider the product itself, in the upper part are pressed Golden sequins that suggest be applied over the bronze cream eyeshadow which is in the lower compartment, for a more vivid effect.

Caused only cream shadow

Cream shadows satisfied at 100%, texture similar to mousse, they are easily applied and distributed, nicely become flustered, do not need to have any skills and you can even do without hands, fingers to help. Creamy texture is better to fix dry, so they are not pushed, but I sometimes skip this step, but they can podstata, but not critical, easy to fix.

Secured green.

In extruded sequined’t see anything special, but they are beautiful, shimmer, look expensive, but the analogy to them you can find cheaper, I’d buy separate cream shadow and would also be happy, especially since the price not much different. There are both minus, and when applied, they can crumble under the eyes, and occurs during their socks, so it is better to apply a minimal amount.

Overall I’m happy with this product, I use almost every day, but in the future I will buy a pure cream shadow without glitter, even have taken shade, but it is never not available. I hope the post was interesting, thanks for stopping by!

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3740₽цена9/10оценка8 months, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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