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A little pre-Christmas magic macro to the ribbon, vzhuh.????

Want to wear red lipstick on new year’s eve but want to stand out? I know what you need is a liquid lipstick with a metallic matte effect.

Do not be afraid of this combination. There are a couple of subtleties, but I’ll tell you.

Smooth contour can be done native with a sponge, but the brush to use is not forbidden. To put it best starting with the outline, and then fill the remaining space and give it a fix. This is an important point that is usually overlooked, and then complain that the lipstick is quite stable. Not smykala lips for about 30 seconds after applying lipstick on the mucosa and persistent coverage will be provided. Before applying you need to moisturize the lips and even make a mask if they are prone to dryness. It is not necessary to apply it directly on the balm, in this case, the lipstick will pleshevychi. Better to get wet lips with a napkin and then all will be well. Well, you should not layer it more than 2 times, because otherwise it can start to slide on the mucosa. Ugh, like all the main points discussed, and then it’s time for a photo.

The lipstick contains tiny shimmer that perfectly complements the matte effect and with which the stored volume of the lips. For konturek can withdraw, but is it necessary?

Resistance is about 4-5 hours. Coming off pretty evenly, but at the end of the day it is better to remove its two-phase medium and apply again, but not update the color.

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If you also have natural lips, get ready for what it will emphasize the relief. Let’s be honest, is a widespread phenomenon all liquid lipsticks and persistent fear that is not necessary. But it does not dry the lips, which is good.

Natural light.
Natural light.

As you can see in the photo, the lipstick a little duochrome in Golden color. Beautiful, no doubt, especially if the lighting is warm and dimmed.

Honestly, I never found the best combination with this lipstick than the arrow. Simply and without problems.

The only significant minus: begins to dry, the end. I have ended almost 3-4 months of regular use and in the end it was already uncomfortable to wear.

Some more swatches under different lighting conditions.

Natural light.Artificial lighting.

600₽цена7/10оценка4 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens

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