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What’s the brand trend on matte lipstick? A year ago, I thought that was the peak, now it seems that now, because now almost all have mastered this segment. I wonder what will happen later?

Nadia tried new products in different market segments — from the mass using prof to a Suite, and generally have something to say. To compare in our business is always interesting, sometimes you can find great instances where there is no waiting!

With the brand of Saw I know firsthand, but a lot of years never went back to it. So entertaining was to assess the present status of the brand.

Pusateri cases with shimmery content inside. Shades of autumn, very beautiful!

Pure matte lipstick I don’t particularly like (like lucky, hehe) and then just was pleased with looking at it shimmeree splendor. Again, this means that the finish should be matte metallic paint — that is, IMHO, very nice! If matte lipstick exists, it should be like that!)) Here is my vision of the trend))

Puff is the same (well, of course)) ), flat, moderately hairy, they are convenient to draw the contour of the lips. The form is simple and comfortable to use.

The limiter is good, the neck with him in decent condition (compared to many similar designs).

Here are the shades: pink beige and red-brick. Metallic. Both a little duochrome. Beautiful.

TX is the same for both shades. So I will describe first the TX and then show lipstick in the case.

The consistency of the lipsticks is slightly irregular, with the first layer nice and evenly applied. Sometimes even the third. And here we must say a few things.

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The density of the coating on the lips is not felt, this is important. Lips tightens. Must be applied on completely dry skin. On the prepared and all sorts of balms lips bald spots will be even stronger. On the bare it will go faster.

The circuit, of course, keeps perfect. The cups are not printed and you can even eat with her. Persistent, a few hours in its original form it either. Sensation lip middle. That is, here, for example: there is a hell of matte lipstick MAC, I just physically can’t wear them, one minute, and all, for me this lipstick for photoshoots (very fast)) ). There are matte lipstick perfect and comfortable (recently showed the Lava from Dior fall 2018). That’s a long time — the Golden mean. Not amazing, but better than many.

For many important criteria applying to the area around the mucous. For me it is always a problem, the border I got pretty close to the actual lips (you could see in the posts about matte lipsticks), it always seems like I’m not Domracheva. But then I just uncomfortable to get a lipstick. Here in the case of the 04 shade — my normal condition, 10 — I overdid it, but looks presentable. Dilemma))

A few words about durability. Persistent in terms of withdrawal. Swatch with hands and lips, I rubbed the cloth slowly and painfully. Oil or fat than others — and zero problems. Lips not stain.

And let’s show the case.

Lipstick gift sets Metallic lips 04

Lipstick gift sets Metallic lips 10

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Do you like matte lipsticks? And matte metallics?

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