Schwarzkopf Professional launches initiative HelpYourSalon


Schwarzkopf Professional has launched a new initiative the purpose of which is to “inspire” and “support” the global hairdressing community.

The brand, owned by German chemical-industrial company Henkel launched a campaign Hairdresser Solidarity Campaign (“Solidarity hairdressers”) in partnership with the web site that will allow salons and hairdressers to create an account with which they can continue their existence under conditions of quarantine and earn money. Recall that last month we wrote about a similar initiative – brand Bleach London launched a digital Barber shop.

The site allows businesses to sell vouchers to consumers which can be used when they are again allowed to provide services after the easing of the quarantine, caused by a coronavirus. In a press release, Simon Ellis, international creative Director Schwarzkopf, said: “We wholeheartedly hope that you are not overwhelmed by the uncertainty with which we are faced now. We have created a new community specifically for you. This is the place where we share our thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. This is the place where we will share ideas in the field of training and education daily professional insight and tips to help you out of the quarantine ready to hit the ground running”.

To take advantage of the initiatives HelpYourSalon can use any brand, salon or Barber freelancer. All services are free and use the platform there is no need to have your own online store or web site.

According to Schwarzkopf Professional, flash coronavirus continues to restrict and affect life in many ways, hairdressers salons were forced to close, as they tied for first place and the welfare of their hairdressers and clients. This means that for many, the stream of income is currently zero.

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Support salons is the second stage of the Hairdresser Solidarity Campaign. The first consisted in the fact that Henkel has donated two million euros to the Fund who/UN anti virus Covid-19, have passed five million units of goods of personal and domestic hygiene as well as switched their factories to the production of disinfectants.

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