Scientists close to developing a vaccine against acne

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The researchers found that antibodies to the toxin secreted by the bacteria that cause acne, can reduce the level of inflammation.

Vaccination from acne can become a reality, according to the findings obtained in the course of the new American studies.

A study conducted by scientists Chang-Ming Huang, University of California, San Diego, USA, showed that the antibodies secreted from the bacteria cause acne, can offer a solution for reducing inflammation in people suffering from prelimi rash.

The vaccine will be primarily focused on bacteria already existing in human skin, instead of affecting pathogens.

Study leader Mr. Huang said: “the Results of our study confirmed large-scale clinical trial, and the potential impact of our results is huge for the hundreds of millions of people suffering from acne. Existing treatment options are often ineffective for many patients, which include 85% of teenagers and over 40 million adults in the US suffering from this multifactorial inflammatory disease of the skin”.

Researchers say the vaccine works by reducing CAMP-factor, which is a toxin secreted in the skin of propionic bacteria acne. The vaccine can also prevent side effects local or systemic effects of retinoids and antibodies that can be detected in the currently available treatment options.

Emmanuel Contesse of University hospital and medical faculty of the University of Zurich, said: “given the unmet medical need for medications and providing a promising approach to treatment acne immunotherapy, which focuses on the factors that provoked by propionic bacteria acne, should be carefully considered to avoid unwanted violations and problems with the microbiome, which ensures homeostasis of the skin.”

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Over time it will become known whether the vaccine is focused on the reduction of CAMP-factor, sought to eliminate the influence of propionic acne bacteria and other microorganisms with a similar impact. However, we can already say that immunotherapy acne is an interesting direction for further research.

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