Scientists have developed a technology that allows a better understanding of cosmetics

Scientists from Singapore’s Institute of high performance computing A*STAR (IHPC) has developed a molecular model that can help beauty companies to understand how products interact with skin and hair.

Special algorithms have been developed for computer simulation of biological experiments under various conditions. Such models can be used for environment research, aerospace and transport industries, in the oil and gas industry and other segments of the industry.

So, for the cosmetics industry, a team of scientists created the model hair and skin, which can be used to solve a variety of problems. In particular, it is possible to study the reaction of the skin or hair to the facility or the interaction of ingredients during storage or during application. In the process of developing new technologies scientists for analysis used special data to solve various problems facing the industry, such as the prediction of the stability of the composition, understanding of clustering and similarity of compositions, the toxicity of the ingredients.

“For example, we can use our methods of modeling and simulation to study the surface treatment composition on the skin during the day and absorption of biologically active substances in the skin,” explained Dr. Frieda lim, a senior scientist at IHPC. Lim said that by understanding interaction surfaces between different materials and their rate of diffusion, this technology may allow cosmetics companies to find the best solution for specific problems.

“We can help our partners in research to understand how the composition affects how well the drug covers the surface of the skin as sweat and sebum during the day, said MS lim. Our aim is to allow cosmetic companies to better understand the functions and performance of their products and enable to reduce the cycle of design and testing.”

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Developed methods and tools can also allow researchers to quantify the absorption of biologically active substances by the skin and to eliminate the need for animal testing. This technology can also help developers of cosmetic products to see how the ingredients react at the molecular level.

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