Scrub Kylie Jenner proved to be harmful to the skin

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Products of young women did not like the dermatologists.


New scrub from this brand Kylie Cosmetics are dangerous for health. This was stated by the dermatologists. For example, an expert on skin care Ross Perry recommends that you do not apply this cosmetic product due to its composition.

Scrub Walnut Face Scrub is a cosmetic brand Kylie Jenner – the daughters of the American celebrity Bruce Jenner (after the sex change changed my name to Caitlin) and Kris Jenner. The young star personally appeared in advertising novelties and called scrub “is gentle, but very effective.” She encouraged to use it three times a week because supposedly the scrub cleanses the skin from dead cells. But dermatologists look at the situation is not so optimistic and oppose the scrub.

The fact that in the composition of cosmetic products is walnut particles to its shell to create cracks in the skin, causing various bacteria have the opportunity to penetrate deep into the epidermis. The powder of the walnut shell really has strong exfoliating properties, but at the same time is dangerous, because exfoliation occurs too high a price.

Interestingly, about the dangers of walnut for the skin was knowledgeable and regular buyers. They began to leave the social networking comments, which warned fans Jenner about the dangers of the cosmetics.

Recall that Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in history. Your first billion dollars it earned in 21 years, while the Creator of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has made it only 23 years.

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