Sculpturing face powder Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder #505

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The tale of the only sculptor in the purse buthole.😊

Sculpturing face powder Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder #505.
Product scope: 5,5 gr. made in the USA.

From the variety of makeup products the most underrated I have had the products for sculpting. I looked about them posts with pleasure, but the desire to buy does not arise. I think it have thin the already sharply delineated face. But somewhere two years ago, I still felt the need for this product. Wanted to take a promoted Tan (D&G), but at the nearest access was a corner Inglot, where I found her… sculpturing powder in shade 505.

The product is sold in tefilah that you want to buy a magnetic palette. I took the most simple and cheap. Despite the low price, palette efficiently, thoughtfully and functionally done. In two opposite corners of the bottom of the palette — the magnets that securely attach the cover at the same time allow it to open with one hand in any direction, or completely removed.

Shade 505 was almost the most popular, perfectly balanced, perfectly beige-gray, moderately pigmented, suitable for girls with fair skin. In the shimmer, the minute he gives a slight glow, allowing the sculptor to look like a natural shadow.


The product has a soft, silky texture, not too compressed, with any brush dusts, why the cost is not economical. It has average pigmentation, not buy them to instruct spots, it is well and seamlessly fades into a barely noticeable shadow. With the application will handle even a beginner! I like that the sculptor can be layering and layering, but if you overdo it — easy to remove the excess and still get the “shadow” of the desired intensity.👍🏻 The resistance on my combination skin before make-up remover.

Not to say that use it a lot — all because of the banal laziness. Fans of sculpting I strongly advise you to look at this product. It height, color 505 is a good that allows you to draw natural beautiful cheekbones, so it never hurts in the purse!

Sculptor solo highlighter does not count:

Price: the sculptor — 1200 RUB, palette — 400 RUB.
Rating: 5.

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