Sea bath salts

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And you often take baths with sea therapeutic salt?

I use sea salt useful not only for baths but also for reducing the volume of the body and skin tightening. But about all under the order.

Today I want to introduce you to Dead sea Salt from Israel from Mon Platin, Pink Himalayan salt from the Salt Of The Earth and Epsom salts Salt Of The Earth.

Will start with the introduction.

The Dead sea salt.


Manufacturer: Mon Platin

The country-manufacturer: Israel

Country of origin: Israel

Weight, g: 1 kg

Price: 610 RUB.

Dead sea salt – medicinal therapeutic and cosmetic. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps to get rid of many skin diseases such as eczema, cellulite, dermatitis, psoriasis. The unique composition of salt helps to normalize the moisture balance. Acting at the cellular level, helps the skin to renew.

Composition: 100% dead sea salt.

Application method: 100 g of salt for your bathroom.

Baths with dead sea salt take not only me, but bathe her son. Take a bath no more than twice a week. Such therapeutic baths relieve tension, fatigue, stress, and restore the balance of salts in the body and excrete lactic acid, which is formed during reinforced training, and restore the body after heavy physical exertion.

After such a relaxing bath normal sleep, clears the skin. Salt has a positive effect on nails, strengthening them and increasing growth, so periodically I do the bath for nails that would strengthen the nail plate. By the way, I noticed that these therapeutic baths perfectly restore nails after seleka.

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In integrated care, salt is absolutely necessary, it helps to maintain skin elasticity and to fight the formation of cellulite.

Rating: excellent.

Baths are good, but massage with salt even better. Before the onset of warm time of the year and in the reinforced training, I take a course of massage with the salt finely. Here is an important helper for me acts as Epsom salt.


Manufacturer: Salt Of The Earth

Country of origin: Russia

Weight, g: 1000 g

Type of packaging: Doy-pack with zip-lock

Price: 480 roubles

Baths with Epsom salts are used for relieving symptoms of magnesium deficiency and sulfur (insomnia, depression, fatigue, muscle spasms, pain, etc.), as well as for weight loss, fight cellulite and cosmetic purposes.

Ingredients: organic Russian product of the highest quality containing over 99% of magnesium sulfate! No preservatives, dyes, fragrances.

Other names: bitter salt, Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, magnesium. In nature, this substance is found in many mineral springs.

For me it’s just magic salt. No cream and scrubs from cellulite and for weight loss can not be compared with this product that works 100 percent with frequent use.

A bit of history.

The first time I tried salt as a scrub for weight loss many years ago. After giving birth I really didn’t like her belly clearly stood out side, and Tali was far from perfect. Of course, the shaping I started with sports and proper nutrition, but also every day began to do warm-up massage with Epsom salts. The technique is simple. Massage with circular movements massage the problem areas using salt finely.

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Method of application: to conduct the procedure of massage with Epsom salts. The skin needs to be hydrated.

Just note, salt does not injure the skin! Your problem areas won’t look mutilated after the massage!

This massage speeds up the metabolism, removes dead cells, rejuvenates the skin.

For the month of daily massage combined with light exercise, I pulled the skin on the belly, got rid of the hated “ears” diminished in the waist.

To massage salt I’ve used a couple of times a year, but already doing for the month. I quite two weeks.

At the moment, I’m getting ready to travel to warm countries and is now actively start to freshen up. Massage with Epsom salts I this helps. Bathrooms with this salt, I do not accept, although they are also very useful!

Rating of Epsom salt: 5++

Pink Himalayan salt.


Manufacturer: Salt Of The Earth

Country of origin: Russia

Country of origin: Pakistan

Weight, g: 0,5 kg

Price: 200 RUB.

This salt from the Jurassic period is considered to be one of the purest on Earth. Pink she owes gland and a large number (over 90) trace elements and minerals: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, bromine and others.
Salt baths with pink Himalayan salt have an overall strengthening effect on the entire body, cleaned of toxins, improves the function of blood vessels and soften the skin.

Bath with Himalayan salt have cellulite, improve firmness and elasticity of skin, stimulate sweating. Such baths are pain and fatigue in muscles and joints. Help to relax after a hard day’s work. Himalayan salt is also beneficial for the respiratory system. Helps to relieve cough in chronic lung diseases.

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Method of use: add to bath with warm water to 200 grams of salt. To achieve a therapeutic and cosmetic effect, it is recommended to take a bath for 15-20 minutes.

Baths with this salt perfectly up immunity. I checked it on myself and son who is often sick with SARS and as a consequence infect me. But the most important thing is to take bathroom regularly (several times a week) otherwise the effect will be.

After a bath the skin becomes soft and tender. Disappear the wound, the skin is cleansed, reduced abrasion and bruises. Has a strong antibacterial effect.

Assessment of salt: excellent

Girls, how do you feel about the salt baths? Often take baths, and what salt you use? Share your results!

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