Secrets of French women that make them most welcome

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French chic – something that you should learn every girl who wants to be attractive and bright.

French women deeply love different hair masks. At least 4 times a week, they perform full care of hair, using about 7, and even 10 different funds and wraps, and butter, and a variety of mousses and hair masks.

The representatives of France do not regret money for a good Barber. Proper mowing saves time on installation. It is sufficient to wash the head, to perform the necessary treatments and dry curls. By the way, mostly French dried hair, tilting his head – this simple rule will give the volume which will not handle even a round brush. Another important rule: drying of the scalp you need to complete cold hair to the volume at the roots is kept longer.

Among the know-how of the inhabitants of this beautiful country can be attributed to the fact that they rarely wash the hair with shampoo about once a week. If you apply the detergent permanently, the sebaceous glands will “spoil” your hair faster.

Many French women wear bangs – it goes for almost everyone. You can experiment and match different shapes, texture and length. In this case, the bangs adds lightness, chic and carefree. By the way, the hair is not electrified, the French use special sprays. This wonderful tool helps to soothe the hair and makes them Shine.

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