Seductive novelty of this autumn Lancome L’absolu Rouge Drama Matte in shade 274 Sensualite

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Hello dear readers!

Autumn is uniquely warm and generous with a variety of cosmetic innovations.

Lipstick in matte textures continue to be on sale luring a variety of nice descriptions about the weightlessness and lightness of the coating on the lips.

Resistant formula will not dry out our delicate skin on the lips.

I feel closer to matte lipstick for a number of reasons.

For me they are more comfortable with them more, I think they are more versatile than gloss, although in my mind there are representatives with glitter.

Let’s look at the new luxury segment and I will try to understand both positive and negative aspects of this lipstick.

Lancome L’absolu Rouge Matte Drama is a new ultramotive lipsticks with comfortable covering for a long time.

Visually, I love everything from the shiny boxes, which treacherously formed the fingerprints to the content.

Black matte tube does not collect the fingerprints, and of course, this coating looks more advantageous in comparison with a shiny box.

My shade under the number 274 is called Sensualite

The case opens with a loud click through the “Click and open”

that is not the only and some cosmetic brands have adopted it.

The color of the stick makes me consider chapstick constantly every time I take it in your hands. On the one hand the color seems mediocre such masses, and on the other hand it attracts my eye and causes you to admire. Stick looks completely matte and dry, it seems that this is a pressed powder for lips.

By the way, the photos I saw in the official online store, she looks completely different, if not cunning, that’s what I wanted, it attracted me the most.

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Fragrance trends are not changed, still the same powdery sweet nostalgia when grandma was young.

Upon contact of the lipstick with the skin, surprisingly the color is given very easy, and the first layer turns out decent shade, however is more pink than the promo.

One Swatch and two coats in the shadeSwatch in one and in two layers in normal daylight.

In two coats, the color becomes a great attraction and temptation, but again far from the promo.

I certainly understand the “expectation and reality”, but I would like just the shade that fell in love looking at pictures online.

I apply the lipstick straight from the stick, doing it fast enough, but due to the dry texture no slip at the surface of the lips. It does not spread out and not running over the contour of the lips so you can wear it without a pencil.

I prefer to wear it in one layerthan the layer, so it is not felt on the skin.

Lipstick applied in a single layer.

Layering is a more rich and dense color, but I think it looks decent.

Lipstick applied in two layers.

Lipstick is absolutely not sticky, when to close my lips, I clearly feel powdery finish and because of that it is quite lightweight and does not weigh down the lips in terms of comfort.

It is not going to strip at the junction of the lips, but during the day a bit going on in lumps on the lips.

I like that the lipstick does not accentuate peeling and cracks on the lips.

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Lipstick applied in two layers, and slightly smoothed with a finger.

Durability good, approximately about 6 hours. A snack with her the best course to avoid it, because it will all be stamped. To remove tissue it can, but the pigment will remain.

I remove it with micellar water and after removing makeup I can not say that the pigment of the lipstick gets into the skin.

Also with regard to the question of the drying of the skin of the lips. There is a slight dryness when I wear this lipstick and after removal. So after removing makeup I apply conditioner, but before applying lipstick, I do not do that, as it was noticed that the lip slips into the balm.

The product is presented in 15 shades and in my opinion, the lipstick was quite good, considering my previous poor experience with a lipstick from the Sheer.

Thank you all for your attention, I hope it was interesting.

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