Selfie culture contributing to the boom of cosmetic surgery

Selfie is an integral part of modern life, but according to new research, the popularity of the photograph itself can also be responsible for the promotion of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery was the next step in the penetration of self-culture after this type of photographs influenced decorative cosmetics, in particular lipstick, as well as on the promotion of online sales of skin funds.

According to a new survey, nearly 73% of people feel “selfie-oriented”, looking at their own pictures in social networks. About 60% said more likely they would consider cosmetic surgery based on the results of their selfie-images despite the fact that 86 % of respondents have never had such a procedure.

In the report “Guide for customers of plastic surgery” provided by the Agency for digital marketing and reputation management Ceatus Media Group through its online portal dedicated to the industry of aesthetic medicine, it was also noted that more than two thirds of respondents (67%) change your photos with filters, and 55% related to problems with skin texture, tone skin, wrinkles or weight.

“These first-of-its kind data really open up the eyes, said in a press release, Ceatus CEO Dr. David Evans. – Our results show that the tools for editing photos can be a bridge between people and plastic surgery”.

It may seem surprising that the majority of respondents were aged 41 years and older, and prefer Facebook and Instagram other social networking platforms. However, a recent study information platform on cosmetic surgery in the United States Zalea also showed that almost 40% of the millennial generation have either had the experience of aesthetic treatments, or are considering to do one of them over the next 12 months, indicating that the desire to undergo plastic surgery common to almost all generations.

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