Sephora Collection Palette Once Upon a Night of Midnight Wishes


The new Year has already passed, but if you want a little bit more festive makeup, maybe this palette will become the hero of your tale πŸ˜‰

Nothing boded trouble, but suddenly I received a gift this palette. First, treated it dismissively, but then completely changed his point of view. Now I will show you why.

In this palette of 16 shades. 3 clearly matte, 2 absolute shimmer, barely noticeable 3 delicate satin and other metallics. I like how they matched, there is some logic, one can see that it is possible to combine, although I in the shadow Affairs. For my taste would replace a couple of matte metallics, but that is what it is. Palette perfectly collected, inside there is a mirror, a nice bonus. Closes with magnets. I love the Christmas decoration, especially the holographic inscription, it is very nice it shimmers in the light) And let’s take a closer look at the shades. They have no names, so for convenience I have numbered them. Swatch on the hand from the left side to the right β€” without base / on the base Course.

1 shade β€” shimmer, one of the most dry and dusty in the palette. White as Christmas snow, shimmers so beautiful.

2 shade β€” a matte, rather soft, perfectly blends with skin so well suited for fastening of base or blending.

3 shade β€” delicate satin, also well blended with the skin, leaving a subtle shimmer.

4 shade β€” metallic, copper color, quite soft and well pigmented.

Shade 5 β€” a matte, basic, well suited to blend, well pigmented, but very dusty.

6 tint β€” metallic paint on the eyes looks like a #5 coated #1. Quite dry and dusty.

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7 shade β€” metallic, dusts quite a bit. This is the case when the beginning was promising, I was really excited to try it, but it appeared pretty boring. He may just need a different substrate, and my base is not enough. In any case, the color of noble.

8 shade β€” matte, like chocolate. Well pigmented and well Blendable. I like its versatility, this color suitable for every day, especially the blue eyes.

9 hue β€” well very similar to #4, except that slightly more orange. Also metallic, soft, well pigmented, gives a beautiful Shine.

10 shade β€” metallic color of mustard. Generally, all the metallics in this palette is the same quality β€” they’re not much dust, well transfer color and have a nice Shine. A pleasure to work with, and as seen in swatches, these four shades good even without a base formed on the skin.

11 shade β€” metallic, complex tone, brown mixed with grey. Very soft.

12 tint β€” metallic paint, something bronze-brown. Soft and unproblematic.

13 shade β€” satin in color like the asphalt. Very dry. You can see that without the base of this Quartet of shades is the so yourself)

14 shade β€” blue shimmer, as well as white #1, dusty, but a hundred times stronger, it is even seen on her finger. Slightly pigmented, which is a pity. Fortunately, I have a blue soft pencil for substrate, because a regular basis will have to torment and long layering and “typing” of the shadows.

15 shade is a beautiful purple satin. Noble, pigmented medium, but still ve pleasant.

16 shade β€” metallic purple with white shimmer. As seen on swatches, it is the quality we need either hard to layer, or to bother with the selection of the substrate. And I’m dancing with a tambourine do not like.

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Resistance to my database is good β€” fade in an average of 8-9 hours. Probably just a weak base. The overall impression of the samples positive. But about the pros and cons below. And while a couple of variants of make-up)) just so you know, I have long ignored the shadow as a category, at the moment continue to fill the hand, so this is more my vision of how these shades can be combined, and how they behave on the century, so somewhere there may be flaws.

On a movable century #7 on the bottom in the crease #8 area #3

The overall image

Caught the sun to show how the revealed metallic #12На movable century #12, shade #5, on the lower eyelid #11, in the inner corner #1ΠŸΠΎΠ»Π½Ρ‹ΠΉ shaped movable century #14, shade #5, bottom #7, area #1. It is evident that blue is very weak, although I was layered as it was. And he crumbled, and sequins were everywhere. But from afar not so bad, by the way. Fortunately, in reality people do not consider us to macro ))

And to summarize:

A wide range of colors
Low cost
Quality packaging
The majority of the shades goes well
Well between cabinetery shades require troubles, especially the problem shades with large sequins

1200β‚½Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°8/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°2 weeks, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Oily skin

My name is Sasha, let’s discuss ))

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