Sephora launches standards for cosmetics with cannabis

Sephora has announced the creation of standards for cosmetics, containing cannabidiol (CBD), establishing the parameters related to the effectiveness of CBD, the quality of ingredients and production processes to strengthen the company’s position as one of the most trusted resources in the field of beauty and cosmetics based on CBD in particular.

“Search funds cannabidiol on increased more than 1000 times in 2018, so that customers have a clear interest in such products. Because customers want to navigate in this growing category, we saw the need to ensure transparency and quality assurance,” said Cindy Daley, Vice-President for skin care at Sephora.

The developer, clinical aromatherapist and expert on cannabis Colleen Quinn said: “the Decision to bring Sephora brands accountable to strict standards is a welcome step on the road to consumer confidence. The requirement to conduct clinical trials and triple test third-party organization is a reliable beginning to ensure that the product is continuously contained levels of cannabinoids, they promise their customers. This will separate the real authentic brands from greenwashing”.

Requirements to the CBD Sephora-cosmetics:
• the brand must conform to the requirements of the standard Clean at Sephora, which was updated last year to be more strict, ensuring that products do not contain more than 50 ingredients to 13;
• products must contain cannabidiol full or broad spectrum;
• raw material for obtaining the CBD must be grown within the country;
• all products should be subjected to triple the third party verification must also be provided a certificate of the results of clinical trials (COA) that validates the contents of the CBD to verify that data on the ingredients presented on the product label.

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Currently, CBD-the range consists of Sephora brands Prima, Lord Jones, High Beauty, Flora + Bast and Saint Jane Beauty. There are also products from popular brands such as Herbivore, Josie Maran and Farmacy.

Category cosmetics based on cannabis has moved faster than government regulation and industry standards. Sephora is the first national retailer which has adopted the standards of the CBD. Such long-term perspective and leadership needed to protect consumers from brands that are not self-regulatory when it comes to their supply chain, testing, and validation.

According to the daily Glossi, for more than a year on the world market raging tsunami of new brands to the CBD that, again, caused the desire to Sephora to become more conservative in respect of this category of products. It is unclear why Sephora restricts the supply chain internal sources and products developed using isolates, but new standards in CBD are an excellent beginning for the establishment of industry standards for category CBD-cosmetics.

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