Sephora opened its first store in Russia, how was it?

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So, on September 14 took place the opening of the first Sephora shop in Moscow. (Although all experienced readers already know that this is the second time Sephora in Russia, and moreover for several years a network Ile De Beaute belongs to Sephora). I went to this event and eager to share their experience. If you are curious to see how he was not afraid of the word epoch-making event, welcome under kat.

So, I will try, where possible, briefly describe the event and to gather together all the official information about the network, which is now available, so as to look for it separately is very difficult.

At the start of the event.

Sephora opened its first Russian store in Moscow in the shopping center the Fleet on the first floor. The opening was scheduled for 16:00. It was announced that the first 300 buyers will receive bytebox with a set of cosmetics.

photo taken from the official site

The makeup was really sweet, a lot of interesting decorative and care. Who wants to look at it more closely, you can see the video on You Tube, bloggers these boxes arrived as PR-distribution.

As was promised gifts at purchase. And within months of its opening, with any purchase promised to give discount cards shop with max 25% discount.

The first time when I was at the checkout, I was told that plastic cards are not handed out, you have to download the application stamps, register it and then I have the electronic card. The word application still hangs.

The second moment. Network Sephora discount card is valid worldwide. No matter, gave it to you in France or in America. However, the maps of the Russian Sephora in foreign stores will not work. Only in stores and in the online store of the country. This is the first Scam.

the last quarter of the queue, in front of three times as much

With the organization of the event also came problems. Perhaps I’ll start with the fact that in the beginning of the day before the official opening of the store, there gathered in the office, bloggers and celebrities and made it a private party. They are there fed shampanskim and painted fresh testers. I watched it live on instagram while driving to the opening. Invitees were given the same gift boxes.

The people began to gather for the opening of as many as 11 am. And went a real fight for a place in the first 300 buyers. People are so stunned from the opportunity to buy a pack of napkins and get a free makeup, by the time of opening, there was already protection, to regulate the queue. In my opinion, such gifts should not give with any purchase, and for example when you buy a certain amount, a few thousand. I sincerely think that this would reduce the passions. It turned out that the guard had to take away the rebellious crowd. And this dramatically increased aggression among participants and lowered the mood of the occasion.

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I still managed to make one self, but we must remember that here I’m standing for two hours, and it’s about half way to the store. I just stood there for more than four! hours. Not gone just because paznakomilasbi with the neighbors on the queue and we sincerely tryndeli about cosmetics. In any case, I arrived a half hour before opening. Which by the way was detained for half an hour. And which saw 90% came because the queue was very badly organized, all along the huge shopping center and see the entrance to the store approximately 50 people, and then turn turned.

In the end, bloggers (of which I did not know to my shame) was sitting in the Starbucks next to the store and unnerved those who came with boxes of gifts. Instagram Sephora nanoscale indignation, as invited celebrities turn did not recognize and decided that a freebie distributed to the faculty.

After 4 hours at about 19:15 I no legs and forces, hungry and tired, reached the carpet protected two! security. The black ribbon allowed parties people 15 to avoid the crush. By the time I was there the appearance of the carpet looked as if she was lying at the entrance to the subway and about her hard off their feet. By the way, when I arrived (third floor), those who were on this track was not on it, and sat. Naturally sat on the floor in groups. Not enough fire and guitar.

Sometimes past the queue ran the guy or girl with a bunch of the packages that they cajoled slowly but surely siriusmo turn. In the bag were candy and miniature hydrophilic oil of its own brand Eroge. That would get the bag I had to literally pull out from the fight, as the guys still alive I don’t know. When browsing a queue’s seemed to fly into a rage more active. After joining the red rug each were given a black bracelet, without which to enter the store was impossible. (Earlier, someone came from, attempts were made to crawl under the fence).

Before entering the store, the scene was set with a screen where an unknown woman (apparently the makeup artist) was painting another unknown girl (probably a model). The photo quality was horrible, the sound is also. I could only understand that use powder from the peach collection Too Faced. And use concealer to hide the traces of a hangover. I’m not kidding, this phrase was said by the girl who is apparently a makeup artist. I began to wait, when to begin to tell you how to hide the signs of heroin withdrawal, but it probably saved up for opening the next store.

stands usual cosmetics no one was interested

In addition to the standard set of luxury brands and its own brand Sephora, which by the way took a very large part of the store was presented to the brought news.

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Stand Marc Jacobs, which I’m very happy, but which was not overcrowded.

Stand Kat Von D, which was not overcrowded

The Huda Beauty stand which was not overcrowded

And stand Becca, which was not overcrowded, and which store somehow shamelessly called his exclusive, although has been a year since Becca is in the Golden Apple and even longer at the Beauty Level. I do not understand why on the official website that Becca is marked “only at Sephora”.

The store is very small in size. In my suburban city of Rive Gauche more than three times, and Ile De Beaute in two. Here is a photo taken from the end of the queue, the cash found at the end of the store and this is about his third.

The best that is in Eroge, it stands Beauty to Go, which divide the streams queue at the box office. It stands with the thumbnails as care and decorative. But this format has long existed in the purchased Sephora Ile De Beaute. Only here the prices with a maximum discount somehow more expensive prices Ile De Beaute approximately 40-100 roubles.

Otherwise, this is the most common store with the same brands of care, fragrance and decorative that everywhere. In the Golden Apple selection three times wider, and the prices are lower. By the way in sviatkivska Eroge discount on exclusive brands, even on the maximum map is not the maximum. For example, I could see that Becca discount for all cards just 5%. So the prices are extortionate.

Here’s a mess of confetti was when I completely emptied and there’s nothing sentient left the store. In the center a brightly lit selfie lamps second somebody someone something dull painted.

Sluggish turn at 19:45 another stretched about 200 meters. It was the most persistent. But it looked like in the movies about the zombie Apocalypse. I felt zombie is not the first freshness. I went shopping for half an hour. The booths were just not suitable. In the centre on the tiny heels makeup artists someone else something beautiful. I vaguely remember the skinny kid with the face palette Too Faced in his hand. A tiny stand Dior Backstage c prices somehow for 900 rubles more expensive than Rive Gauche. Wheel of fortune liquid lipsticks from Sephora. Getting half of the ninth home, I’m absolutely not a smoker, felt the wild desire to smoke.

Having looked unhappy at home the bags, I realized that in a desperate desire to buy something I took the thumbnail moisturizing mask, Erborian, which is in Ile De Beaute could buy at 41 rubles cheaper. Looked down at the gift sample of men’s perfume and two anti-age cream from Dior, for some reason put me in the gift, even though I painted look who escaped from school a schoolgirl, by the way who escaped from school schoolgirl standing behind me in the four hour queue. Giggled over black-and-white Lollipop. And began to sum up the day.

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Ile De Beaute made repairs, brought Marc Jacobs changed the sign and raised the price of 300 rubles. No Sephora in Russia did not come. We are not connected to the global network the world’s largest retailer of cosmetics, as fiercely shouted to us official sources. We got Sephora Russian for Russia. With all of our mentality, with all of our schools.

Honestly, I understand people who walked past the queue, politely asked, do we stand there just because of open a cosmetics shop, and then twisted his fingers to his temple. I won’t scream, I spit in the soul, and wiped his feet on me, as do the participants proshedshego events in the official instagram of Sephora Russia. I have assumed that when I read the announcements. But all the same it’s a shame that we once again submitted a piece of shit, this time not even bothering to carefully wrap her bright wrapper, so the organizers didn’t care.

I don’t want to whine, and complain. But the facts are:

  • Prices above are familiar to us
  • There are almost no exclusives, or is he lying
  • New brands of limidi we have not brought
  • App hangs
  • The site is
  • Maps are difficult to obtain for technical reasons
  • You can use them only in Russia
  • Discovery screwed up as I could, starting with queue and ending with weird results cards
  • Preparing for the opening of screwed up, irritating all the strange imposition of intrigue where intrigue was long gone (the official Marc Jacobs instagram posted that the brand will be in Russian Before before the Russian Sephora confirmed its opening and it is not the only example)
  • Gathered internal parties and customers in one day, and buyers were the second and sincerely offended by this fact
  • Holiday is not arranged (the dirt from sweets and makeup for a hangover I did well, holiday can not name)

I saw that at the checkout the girls were given to 12 thousand rubles, and even for 35. I think it was correct to give the gift box to them than those who bought the first 300 hygienic lipsticks. Yeah, I really wanted this box, but its distribution seemed strange to me. It is better to be a prank staged. In the end, fans gathered freebies, and are not fans of cosmetics. I also went with a large sum and hoped richly to buy Marc Jacobs. But faced stadom I realized that so exhausted mentally that to fight their place under the cosmetic sun-I just have no strength. I basically go to the store in a month, because I genuinely think that it will be empty and useless. All my previous predictions about the arrival of Sephora in Russia came true. I wonder if I’d be right this time.

And you were at the opening? What do you think about the incident a massacre?

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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