Sequential Skin – skin care based on genetic analysis

At the end of last year, two doctors of Sciences in the field of molecular biology, albert Dashi and Oliver Worsley released a patch for a skin analysis, which is awaiting a patent, and the corresponding beauty-Skin Sequential application. As developers hope, it could be the future of personal recommendations on the selection of cosmetics.

At first glance, the Sequential Skin similar to many other technical tools and platforms for analysis of samples of the skin. Consumers buy a set for testing (about 93 U.S. dollars), sent back the samples and get personalized results and recommendations for skin care. However, the company offers something more – a combined analysis of genetics and the microbiome of the user provided in combination with a personalized interpretation of the data and recommendations of product from Petronilla Houdart, a professional pharmacist and expert on product development.

Sequential Skin based on a patch by which users collect a sample of skin from the forehead, and then send the patch back for analysis to the company. “We have a significant competitive advantage over other companies that spetsializiruyutsya on the definition of features and characteristics of the skin,” – said in a press release which also mentioned that most of the “images of the skin are rough and inaccurate, and collecting samples of saliva or blood to determine the DNA and extremely uncomfortable medical activity”.

Technology for technology’s sake is rarely interesting, valuable, or successful. In other words, any new technology should bring significant benefits both to consumers and/or advantage of the company behind this technology. Available, personalized recommendations for skin care are a benefit to the consumer. And the benefits of Sequential Skin (in addition to sales) is critical. After the user Skin Sequential order and get the kit by mail, it needs to register your kit on the website of the company.

Each set has a unique QR code, customers are prompted to enter your full name, gender, email address, date of birth, preferred brand for skin care and how much they spend on an ordinary day cream. And then, in small print, at the bottom of the registration page Sequential Skin, there is one consent: “I want to participate in future research and development in the field of genetics and the microbiome of the skin, providing your anonymous data”. So Sequential Skin will collect valuable information (large data arrays), which can be used not only to improve the business model of a start-up company, but also for the study of genetics and the microbiome with the further application of this information in the beauty industry.

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