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Good day to all! Have not seen reviews about this brand and she was ready to write it just now, although I use in the spring. So, a post about the serum with mandelic and acids lactobionate Polish brand Bielenda is waiting for You under the cut.

The serum is packaged in a glass bottle with a volume of 30 ml with a glass pipette, and box. Packing is almost no complaints, looks good, but after some time of use there is a growing sense that the pipette will break soon — after unscrewing the cover of its parts detached from each other (the Golden part, which is to turn from the plastic to which the pressure to be drawn into the liquid) and shift, is not very convenient.

Pipette looks like normally:

The consistency of the serum is slightly turbid liquid slightly denser than water, the smell of sour is felt only if specially to sniff.

The packaging is marked “anti-age”, but me and my fat 25-year-old at the time, the skin is not scared. I confess, I bought this product because of the reviews about the rescue problem skin.

Acids before I used the products with slightly lower their concentration, and decided to try something “stronger” — bumps, rashes, excessive oiliness seemed to me a sufficient reason.

The following:

Lactobionic acid possesses the following properties: regeneration, the fight against photo-aging, exfoliating, moisturizing, antioxidant.

Mandelic acid also plays the role of an exfoliator. Both acids can be used in the summer (not forgetting spf). The manufacturer recommends that you apply the serum to cleansed skin massaging in the evenings.

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I did so, put the evening before bedtime, do not flush.

Well overall information from the manufacturer about this line:

Everything is very blurry. I was waiting for sera alignment of the relief of samoregulyacii, accelerating the healing signs of rashes, maintain the lack of wrinkles. All this I learned from reviews and study information about the active ingredients.

The result was instantaneous, a month and a half of use, the topography was slightly smoothed over. The tone of the skin and sebum, it seems that the serum is not affected. The traces of pimples to disappear faster than normal, but I consistently enjoyed, and before that by any means that is directed. I would say, disappear more slowly than we would like. Moisturizes a little, even in the summer heat didn’t always want to close the serum cream.

Perhaps my expectations from this product after so many flattering reviews were overstated. I’m not happy, a little disappointed — it’s just a good product, as it manifested itself on my skin. Positive effects, no negatives, but still… not a wow product.

Probably for my money the serum is worth it, and after some time I return to it, to appreciate to a greater extent anti-aging effect. But now I just finish off this bottle to the end and choose what is going to take. In order to achieve perfect smoothness may appeal to the beautician for peels, in addition to cleaning.

Girls can be any idea, what kind of serum to take now?

Price — 600 rubles,

Term of use — six months,

rating 4.

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