Serum with retinol The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

Often began to hear that retinol is very good for your skin and will remove pimples and wrinkles and overall skin condition will do better. Why the choice fell on this tool, I don’t know, so to speak, that got under a hand.

From the manufacturer:

Serum effectively eliminates the signs of aging. It reduces wrinkles, lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, smoothes skin texture.

As I understand it, The Ordinary young brand that is gaining immense popularity. Has its own good compositions, which are only 1-2 active ingredient.


Active ingredients:

Hydroxyindole retinoic — according to the manufacturer, have slightly greater potential than retinol without causing irritation.
Squalane is a softening component of plant origin, which also hydrates the skin.

Is in a glass bottle, cover with a pipette after several days of use, it became hard to close, and I really did not like. Is a cardboard box of white color with information from the manufacturer.

The Ordinary serum with retinol 2% yellowish, transparent, oily. Virtually no smell.

Due to the fact that this means oily, it consumes very economical, I used it for about 6 months and not even used half of the bottle. Being very good, but, as I thought, it is not fully absorbed, placed on the skin a film of oil that I did not like. Applications were weight and the cream and butter, and just as a standalone tool.

I can honestly say I have not particularly noticed, well, the skin is moisturized. Dramatically on the skin it is not affected ryabushky from acne on the spot, nervousness of the skin along with other imperfections there too. Wrinkles smooth out, it is definitely not in the state, according to the manufacturer, even a small one, but well, hydration is good, which is also, in General, is not bad. The pores it does not clog, the emergence of new pimples does not provoke.

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I also want to draw attention to the fact that after opening the shelf life is only 6 months, in other words half the bottle I went to the trash.

When using this serum it is necessary to use products with UV protection, I’m not used to, and now I have crept of a heap of freckles, which did not exist before.

In General, for a dual opinion about this tool: on the one hand, it perfectly moisturizes the skin, but it had no effect on the skin as a whole, or as I pinned her with too much hope, or 6 months is not enough for a visible result. This manufacturer is another serum with a 5% concentration of retinol, I think in the fall to buy it, maybe it will be more effective. To buy it or not, of course, up to you, but please don’t put her hopes up.

A volume of 30 ml.

Period of use: 6 months.

The price is 700 RUB.

Rating 3.

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