Set of lipsticks Iluvsarahii Mixed Finish Lip Collection from Colourpop

Right before the new year I received my first package from Colorpop and now it’s time to start a series of posts about its contents πŸ€—

This set interested me primarily because it allowed us to try three different textures of lip products from the brand. If you’re interested to read my impressions β€” I’m calling a cat) ⬇

Cosmetics Colorpop I tried for the first time: I ordered this set of lipsticks two lipsticks separately + palette + blush = about all plan to write) In General, despite the fact that there was bad food order satisfied and want to try something else.

Set of lipsticks, which decided to start the analysis of the parcel consists of three products, lip gloss, liquid lipstick from the line and Ultra Matt lipstick from the line Ultra Satin. All the tubes look the same, with differences only in the amount and tassels. In the glow of the small brush, remember like the glitter, rolls of distant youth (and love them), and liquid lipstick β€” with a neat comfortable sponge.

Ultra Glossy Lip tint Curvii.

  • Volume: 3 oz.;
  • As I have indicated above, the brush is quite uncomfortable… of Course, the role played by the wacky and the texture of the glitter, but the brush is bad. She totally uneven polishing and in this case I’m sure it is not in the hands of the curves)
  • Smell: there is some small himonya perfume, didn’t bother me at zatista.
  • Texture: wacky😁 don’t know if the glosses from brands such, but this one is just the personification of the bad that happens in lip products: absolutely uneven application, stickiness (although there can note that it is not critical), no alternative to rolling the “white stripes” even in the photo process (i.e. 5-10 minutes), the instability. Okay, the luster should not be persistent. But he’s terrible in itself. No smoothing of the disadvantages of lip β€” no, it’ll highlight all the bad things that find)) Add nothingπŸ‘Ž

The most insulting that on a photo this bad boy turned not so bad. I don’t know what his secret πŸ˜‚ Believe me, wearing it is impossible.

  • Finish: glossy.
  • Color: for order sets and viewing the site I thought it was a great nodoby beige, casual, and generally beautiful. In fact it is much more… don’t even know how to describe β€” a bright beige or something… or “slightly yellow”… not mine.
  • Price: actually, now it costs 6$, but I bought the kit.
  • Rating: 2. Or 1πŸ€” In General, according to my subjective evaluation of the product is bad.

All photos daylight:

Ultra Matte Lip tint, Mamacita.

Because of the very attracted to me shades of this lipstick and the next thing I chose this set. On glitter I, frankly, did not care, so I’m not upset that he did not come to me) But the behaviour of this lipstick really upset me 😒

  • Volume: 3.2 g.;
  • Normal packing and a good sponge. Nothing is leaking and draws the sponge is fine) Circuit is hard to remove because of the color (bright!), and also because of the liquid texture and my not perfect skills πŸ˜‚ But in a third party to post the same sponge β€” so he had nothing to do with it in these reasons.
  • Smell: scent is not very pleasant, himonya, but does not bother me, although some may be important.
  • Texture and th: liquid lipstick, much like velvetine Lime Crime. Only if velvetine I love and wear with pleasure, as well as many other matte (just look how many posts I have about that is liquid matte lipstick) this lipstick β€” I wear strongly can. It is awful not so awful (!) dries and tightens his lips. This can be seen in the photo, although the more time socks β€” that is even more noticeable. Lips look very bad. In General, everything is very bad. Don’t know if it was this shade? Shade Wicked from LC too, unlike other shades of velvetine slightly dries my lips and it is similar to Mamacita. But check it I’m not ready and I’m sure to order more shades from the line Ultra Matte Lip will not πŸ™…
  • Durability: I want to point out, bad. I have not eaten very fatty food (thank God it was at home) and was like a very scary clown πŸ˜‚ Almost like “It”, only the teeth failed))). In this case, after removing the lipstick leaves a tint on the lips β€” quite an intense pink that does not wash off even with oil SDSM and still keeps the next day. Horror.
  • Finish: matte. Very matte. And then shrunken, I would say even πŸ˜…
  • Color: very beautiful! Rich dark wine-Burgundy. What a pity that it is impossible to wear((
  • Price: if purchased separately from the kit β€” 6.5 $ (do not do this).
  • Rating: 1. Line of Ultra Matte Lip advise.

All photos daylight:

Ultra Satin Lip color was a 951.

Another very attracted to me Swatch shade. And (yay!) lipstick did not disappoint me.

  • Volume: 3.2 g.;
  • The sponge and the packaging is similar to the previous lipstick.
  • Smell: also not a super-pleasant scent, but I normally.
  • Texture and th: but in this line everything is OK), Lipstick perfectly applied and distributed, the texture is more dense than the previous one. Keeps well, transports are not a fatty food. The lips are not dry. The finish is not very matte at first, but after drying (2 minutes) β€” matte or dry with a cloth immediately after application πŸ‘Œ In General, even can not name any cons. Just a good matte liquid lipstick)
  • Color: beautiful brown) I do Not like to describe the color, it is better to see than to hear 100 times)
  • Price: if purchased separately from the kit β€” 6.5 $.
  • Rating: 5. Line of Ultra Satin Lip want to order more shades.

All photos daylight:

If we talk about the set in General, then of course he will pull except that C grade, given that of the three products β€” I was approached by only 1. However, the set at a discount cost me 13.5 $even if I bought only one lipstick at this price is very budget))) Plus the experience is priceless πŸ˜‚ Range of gloss and ultra Matt from Colourpop I try not anymore)

Will be glad to read about your impressions about lipsticks brand) do you Have favorite shades, especially in the line of Ultra Satin Lip? 😊

*** Anya.

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