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Good day!

2019 I want to start a post about the set and simultaneously festive and quite casual. I stumbled upon it by accident in the store, and immediately realized that it needed to take. If you like sets with bestselling brands, welcome under kat.

So, this is a set of full-size concealer best — selling stamps and miniature lipstick from the cream line in a classic red hue. The set is sold in a cardboard box, inside a velvet stand for these two product. Pleasant trifle.

Let’s start with the corrector.

YSL Touche Eclat Concealer No. 2 Luminous Ivory

I, as always, crawls to such recent bestsellers. I heard about this concealer for many years ago. And even then, he was on the crest of popularity. So this set was for me a great opportunity and a sweet incentive…

The pusher on the end of the brush, and which need to distribute the product. Not the most hygienic option. At the other end of the button, clicking on which we extrude the product into the brush. It took me at least ten clicks for the first time, and later too, one click is not enough.

The main argument in favor of the purchase was that I was approached by a tone corrector. Although not the lightest shade in the line, it fits my very fair skin.

Left concealer applied with a brush, slightly to the right the same number of feathered finger. I think it is obvious that my shade has a yellowish undertone that works perfectly on my black eyes.

photos taken during the day in front of the window, left headlight no, he is right

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So, what can I say about one thin layer of concealer under the eyes. The photo above shows that it brightened a little concealer under eye area, removed the Shine of the skin, the bruise was less visible, while the corrector is not stressed crease under my eye. And I pointed out that concealer good hides pores, evens or rather the problem area.

The only point the Adjuster can highlight peeling on the cheeks, if they are..

What can I say in the end. This concealer should be applied very thin layer, just under the eye. There it will work perfectly. To hide wrinkles, remove bruises, to highlight. But it is necessary to go beyond this area, and concealer will accentuate the peeling, of which you were unaware.


3070 rubles without discounts


5, as a very narrowly focused tool. Under eye concealer is gorgeous, in all other cases, he can’t help you.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick No. 1 Le Rouge

I’m doubly glad that in this set there is also a miniature lipsticks, especially in the famous shade No. 1. As at the end of last year, I met with this line of lipsticks. I had nodoby 70 tint I told you about it here. And did I mention that I will be sure to get acquainted further with this line. Here I actually fulfill the promise.

The miniatures of this line cut stick other than a full-sized version. It is more flat, whereas that of conventional lipsticks is a classic “finger” with the sharp end. I am equally comfortable both.

The legendary No. 1 Le Rouge has been demonstrated for many resources. But anyway, all of us, any shade will look different. For me it is enough Hellenistic tone, because depending on lighting it will get warm or go cold.

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stick day in front of the window

In the photo the lipstick left in a single layer, right side in three layers. Photos taken during the day in front of the window.

Is that lipstick in the daylight. Undertone definitely cold. Lipstick texture creamy in the best sense of the word. It is soft, spreads easily over the lips. Not stressed, but rather hides peeling. At the junction of the lip in this photo I have very serious cracks and peeling, which is virtually invisible. Although the lipstick does not overlap the first layer, and means applying several layers.

And is that lipstick under direct sunlight. I think these two photos it is obvious that the lipstick sits well on the lips, but badly stained their contour. You will need a brush or pencil. But it is not flowing on the vertical folds. Although it may be stamped on the teeth. You need to be careful. Lipstick does not get smudged. So in the wind with her hair resemble. And all surfaces will be in it. It is certainly a disadvantage, which becomes visible only with bright shades, the shade I nudemom such difficulties did not notice.


2975 rubles without discounts for a full-sized lipstick


4, this shade is more problematic than Nude. Although I like the texture, this lipstick will have a little dance.

If we talk about the set overall, I think he is quite right to exist. For the maximum discount on gold card it cost something like 2370 rubles, and no discount about 3000 rubles. In short, in fact, we only concealer, and the lipstick is a gift. It’s nice. I am also pleased with the choice of colors for a set. Usually in sets placed too dark tint and inadequate shades of lipsticks.

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So that set I put a solid 5. The opportunity to become acquainted with the top brand products.

Thank you very much, I spent a few minutes with me. I’m very pleased!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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