Seven facts to know before Botox injection

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It is easy not to think about Botox injections when you’re 20 years old. But when you start getting older, and then in my head thought about different ways of improving your appearance. The same thoughts ran into blogger and brasch-nutritionist Sarah Garon.


Now Sarah is about 40 years. Almost all of her life she, like many girls, denied even the possibility of Botox injections, but by the beginning of the forties changed my mind and decided on a procedure. Spent some time with Botox, she told seven important facts you should know before Botox injection.

The first fact: Botox is not wrinkles. Botox injections are a preventative rather than restorative. They “freeze” the face muscles, not allowing them to contract so that wrinkles deepened. That is why some people given a Botox for 20 years, to avoid the appearance of wrinkles in the future.

Second fact: Botox is temporary. Sarah hoped that Botox will remain in her forehead for years, but was surprised when I found out that in average it stays there for three or four months.

The third fact: Botox is painful. In society there is a perception that Botox is almost painless. Sarah Garon notes that actually it doesn’t look like “mosquito bites”. Moreover, after the injection, the pain persisted for some time.

Fact four: after injection, your will see a number of limitations. Got Botox and went to do their business – it is unrealistic picture. In fact, at least the first day you will be forbidden any exercise and, in addition, you cannot tilt your head forward.

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Fact five: you will not get the “club celebrities”. If you think that Botox is a pastime of celebrities, you are wrong. In our time, it can afford many, so no excessive “coolness” you do not add.

Fact six: if you got Botox, it does not mean that you betrayed your principles. If you have not shared the love of similar procedures and then decided on the injection, it does not make you a bad person. Are you trying to look attractive doing it. Do not pay attention to critics.

Fact seven: the “frozen” muscles – it’s not so bad. Many fear that Botox will make them look like a robot without emotion. And sometimes it really happens – you just can’t frown or wrinkle the forehead. But, according to Sarah, there are advantages. Studies have shown that people that after injection of Botox had lost the ability to frown, became generally happier.

Anyway, to make a Botox injection or not, only you can decide. And, of course, consult a doctor.

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