Seventeen Matt Concealer Concealer Extra Coverage

Good day, dear friends! If you are in search of the perfect budget concealer, I advise you to pay attention to this concealer is a Greek brand Seventeen. Welcome!

Seventeen Matt Concealer Concealer Extra Coverage

My under eye area was always a problem — swelling, bruises, freckles, dry skin and fine lines, and I, of course, always avoiding visible very dense coatings. For a long time, my favorites would be the Clarins concealer in tube and Nyx HD. But as time goes on, I want to try something new but, this year I discovered several new funds, both budgeted and not. Today I want to talk about the concealer, which turned out to be indispensable for my assistant, this is undeservedly unpopular product — he rarely writes, as, for example, on the same racearena Nyx. I, on the other, from my experience I can conclude that Seventeen Concealer Matt was much better and could even become a cult vehicle. Perhaps, it is just a little while who knows!

So, this concealer is flattened with a sponge, product volume is 3.5 ml, big enough for such a format, the production of Greece.

Shades — something for which you should praise the ruler of these concealers — they are all very correct, do not leave either in yellow or in pink is very beautiful verified shades of beige. The tool can be used under the eyes, and point. And, very importantly, there is a very good light shades. I have the lightest 0A — suitable for most light-skinned girls, he is too light even for me. 00 — a little darker, it’s just the perfect light. Can take it without thinking, if you need a good light concealer. Often I mix my schedule I these two shades. The first photo is without anything, then with a touch of 00.

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Texture. The degree of coverage is high enough, while not to such an extent that to look like plaster, of course, if you do not overdo it with quantity and not dealt from the top a thick layer of powder. I suggest to always fix concealer only the lightest of transparent or translucent powder. The effect is the same as from dense powder, but you don’t dry the under eye area and make concealer visible. I put the meteors on top, as this concealer is completely matte, there’s not a drop of shimmer, and meteors are a little “revive” a matte finish, adding some sparkles. Whether it is dry skin? None at all. But I still often put it on the cream as often suffer from increased dryness of the skin.

In terms of the balance of the pigment in this concealer is perfect — it perfectly covers imperfections but doesn’t look putty — what you need. He is invisible! He is well behaved even in the area of wrinkles is virtually no slipping. The cover is held in place all day, disappear or change color. Despite the fact that I can not call this concealer is easy — it is rather medium to dense, the degree of masking it are also from medium to high, it is suitable for evening makeup and well behaved. I think it is better than Nyx HD because it is more plastic, less visible, will not settle into fine wrinkles, and he’s got the perfect shades. European manufacturing I, too, always pleases, although I am not against China.

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Conclusion: whole-heartedly recommend Matt Seventeen Concealer! Perhaps this is the product that will be perfect for you. Among budget concealer to me now it’s a favorite. Generally, this is the only concealer from the mass market, which in the end I left, because it really is a very decent product.

Term of use: about a year

Price: in the region of 600 rubles.

Rating: 5+

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