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Good morning!

I hope everyone’s summer goes by without regrets and disappointments. I am now preparing to leave, and his anticipation today I will share with you my most favorite purchase this summer — four new one-room eyeshadow Chantecaille: Chantecaille Eye Shade in Luminescent hues and Sole Mare and Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Matte Eyeshadow in shades of Sylvie and Olivia. Santiki is one of my favorite producers of the shadows, and so when in June I saw what they have in store for us this summer, new items have struck me in the heart. Their price, however, forced to think about and some time I went around and around with these shadows, but then decided to buy them. The quality of the shadows Santiki I have always loved: they do not lose their characteristics, and they are always quite a lot in the package. So next summer, and then another summer I’m planning to use them (probably all imagine talking about:).

So, the summer of 2018 as planned by Santiki are two new matte and two shining shades.

Matte shades released in the usual one-room Santiki format: round cans, Packed in a lavender box. These two shades were added to their permanent collection of shadows. Shining as shades came in flat boxes with pictures of beaches on them, and this beauty is only for this summer. But about all under the order.

Luminous color

Start with the shining, because krasotaaa.

Box 5×5 cm and 2 cm tall one in the yellow-orange tones and one in blue and white. Both with a picture of a beach umbrella — what could be more summer?

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Shadows in the orange box named Sun (Sole), shadows in the blue box — the Sea (Mare). Each with 2 grams of shadow. Made in Italy. On the back composition:

Cases shadows repeat the form of boxes and images are lovely — they are very pleasant to take in hands. Made of plastic, closed until it clicks.

Reverse side:

The surface of the wavy shadows (and I want to touch it); inside the box a mirror on the cap size, the lid is opened 180 degrees.

The shades individually for a closer look.

The sun

The sun is shining duochrome, shimmering from Golden to fiery orange- translucent sand-colored base with gold, orange and pink shimmer.


The sea is a shining sea green — taupua transparent base with silver, green and blue shimmer.

And both together is a vacation:)

Both colors are soft, silky to the touch, really shining. The manufacturer calls them “unique transparent gel powders”, but the gel there is only the transparency of the finish — eye shadow gels are not. Slightly crumble when applied with a dry brush, but the resistance on the base — to make-up remover (no base shade not wearing). Swatch will be a little later all together.

Matte shades

Traditionally, jars made of durable clear plastic with screw-on lids dark gray metal color with light letter logo above. Open easily, close tightly, not prone to scratches, the logo is not erased. Each jar of 4 grams of shadows, made in Italy.

These shadows have joined the collection Mermaid Eye Matte, and, like other shadows in this collection, the manufacturer describes them as shadows “innovative water-resistant and not sliding down the velvet formulations that can be used both dry and wet, as shadow or as eyeliner. Produced with the addition of an extract of silk tree”.

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Themselves shades are named after mothers and daughters Santiki — Sylvie (Sylvie) and Olivia (Olivia), and color described simply: Sylvie brown and Olivia gray.

Now these shades individually for a closer look.


Sylvie is warm the sand a bit

The sunIn the shade


Olivia is more of a taupe than a grey.

The sunIn the shade

And both colors, although they are matte, are not entirely flat — they seemed to surround Matt, very interesting and versatile. The shadows are soft, silky to the touch, easy to apply (just a little bit really dust when applied with a dry brush), great become flustered, do not crumble, do not roll down. The resistance on the base — to make-up remover. Amazingly beautiful saturated colors that, in my opinion, perfectly balancing two shining hue.


All the shades together (Sylvie, Sun, Sea, Olivia) caused a dry natural brush to the base (bottom) and without the base (top), and the boundary of the base is hardly visible.

The sunIn the shadeIn the electric lightIn the roomIn diffused daylight

Shining shadows blur at different angles to show the shimmer:

And eyelids:

All shades solo (shining shades I usually don’t wear solo is included here to demonstrate their potential):

SylvieSylvieOliviaOliviaThe SunThe SunThe SeaThe Sea

And in combination with each other:

Sylvie and the Sun, and Sylvie SunSylvie Sun andthe Sea Olivia andOlivia and the Sea

For all I know, lately, very much: the shadow of great quality, very nicely decorated. They are nice to hold in your hand, it is very pleasant to use.

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Rating: 5 of each shade

Price: $48 radiant shades and $34 for Matt (creepy, Yes).

Thank you for your attention 🙂

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