Shadow pencil eyeshadow Hypoallergenic Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick 05 Tone, Bell

Taupe is my favorite shade of eyeshadow. Love it for the ability to gently shade the eye and compatibility with almost all shades of lipsticks, glosses and blush. I have four copies of taupe eye shadow and three of them are Polish company Bell Cosmetics. In the post talk about the shadow in the format of pencil Hypoallergenic Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick.

Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick Tone 05

It is the perfect solution for women who want minimal effort to look great. A convenient form of a pencil provides easy and precise application. Perfectly fit to the skin eyes, do not crumble and do not roll down in the folds of the eyelids. A wide range of bright colors ensures a perfect, extremely strong makeup and creamy formula with mother-of-pearl pigments creates an elegant satin effect.

The barrel and cap are plastic. Closes tightly with a click.

In my realm a month or a little more, and during this time the inscription has not yet jammed, and no obvious scratches.

Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick Tone 05. Natural light

The rod is twisted by rotating the lower part of the body, but he initially strongly in favour of its limits, so remove the cap to gently – very easy to damage the integrity of shadows. My so and I have done part of the stick was carried by the lid at the opening.

Artificial light

The shade is very complex I would not call – gray – brown base with Golden shimmer, which forms a beautiful iridescence ( but apparently they are mainly in Swatch).

The texture is very soft, pliable. The stick glides on easily leaving a uniformly colored mark. The pigmentation is above average, but I like to shade in a light haze. Apply the shadow from the stick to the eyelid and distribute the most convenient tool with your finger on the border with the skin is treated with a clean brush from artificial pile (any of the ones that got on the cover photo).

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Morning at the window

Freeze the shadow of three minutes, slowly layering if necessary. Bald spots and uneven islets when stretching are not formed.

The cold artificial lightwith Natural daylight

Zatishie shadow is not shade anything. The skin they do not pull together and not look dried rind.

The base cause was not tried, and that is something that I have itself is dry lies on the skin and is likely to give uneven distribution.

The shadow performed well in terms of durability, they are not smeared and does not lose color saturation during the day, but without a thin strip at the crease was not,- it is formed after two or three hours of wear. It is of course possible to fix the finger, but it will still appear.

The photos below show the shade applied in two layers and feathered a finger.

Natural daylight

To wear the shade is very comfortable, I can not at all feel. Easily removed with micellar water or a cream make-up remover.

Cost: 300 rubles

Rating: 5

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