Shadows from Kiss New York: cheap replacement for Urban Decay Naked?

Full name: Hexa Eyeshadow palette, matte nude, Kiss New York Professional

This palette gave me for my birthday friends who know about my weakness for cosmetics. Yes from friends who do not know about this?) I usually just give certificates to Sephora, and I was a bit surprised, but decided that this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a new to me brand.

Once home after the celebration (being not quite sober) I zazvuchala shadows on the arm and concluded that Naked by Urban Decay I don’t need now (what I didn’t know). In the morning I thought I was too categorical in his judgments, but was pleasantly surprised to find a shadow on the hand in its original form (for make-up person I have brought to perfection and accomplished in any condition and here is a hand I then did not touch it).

Later, I noted the resemblance to the Naked basics 2 palette, so all in all that night, and I was right. I have no shadows from the Naked, but there is a small lounge and reticulation Distortion, so the similarity of the shades I’m not 100% sure, but I can compare the quality and to say that these shadows are good.


I have numbered the shadows in reverse order (light to dark):

I apologize for the unsightly appearance 1 and 6 shade: the shade survived the fall and was recovered with alcohol and toothpicks, on the properties is not affected.

1 — ivory color it in a palette two times more than other shades, which is very convenient and thought over, because, as a rule, the first ends with a light tint

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2 — light taupe, matte, like all other shades, but some Swatch mimics satin shade

3 — warm brown

4 — also tupoy, cold tone, but much darker than No. 2

5 — dark warm brown shade

6 — the cold gray-brown shade

All the shadows (specifically in this palette) matte, although No. 2 sometimes pretends to be a satin of some photos.

I really like the selection of warm and cool colors: warm and cold makeup, and can be combined.

Mass soul school — 1.5 g each (except No. 1 — 3 Gy). I can say that this is more than enough. For example, in a palette Lancome Audacity in Paris, which I have for the third year, each shade is 1.3 g, and the bottom is not yet in sight, no one refil, and given the fact that the first year I painted almost only to her.

Pigmentation is good, maybe not the best in the segment of professional shadow, but, in my opinion, this is a reasonable Golden mean: they will not put a stain that will then panic in the shade, but to drive at three times the same place is not necessary.

Get brush good not dust.

About durability already mentioned above, no complaints. I always wear shadow with a base, and they stay as long as necessary if the base is good. But as the experiment wore the shadows without a base, they began to slide on my fat looming century in about 6 hours, which for me is an excellent result.

Shadows in makeup:

In the inner corner of the eye and under the brow — 1; in the crease — 3, in the external area — rooms 4 and 5Eyebrows (in the process of sprouting, pardonte) is also decorated with shadow — numbers 4 and 6 mixed

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If you have already filled with righteous anger, then forgive me: this is my first review of shadows, and I was not easy; I know that looks perfect, but I painted the eyes brighter than usual, so the camera just caught something

The overall image (the same day, but more sun):

Lipstick-scoundrel Lime Crime

Price: 990 roubles

Rating: 5

I’ll definitely try other shade brand. The colors in the other “six” I was not very impressed, but stamps a great selection of “odnushek” and there are palettes of 12 shades.

Marc Kiss NY, may not be able to compete with the aforementioned Urban Decay in terms of variety of shades, but the quality of them is not lost, so the answer to the question in the title: Yes, a decent budget (although there are instances of budget) the replacement of the Naked basics.

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