Shameless red!!! YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick 21 Rouge Paradox

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“Hot new”

My review will not be the first and also full of positive assessments of the quality of this lipstick.

“ geometry in red”

Fashioned stick in the shape of a rectangle and someone may attribute this to the inconvenience, I’m not Moody and have a weakness for novelties.

The instruction I did not comply, she and classic method glides on effortlessly. A clear outline of the “not my thing” and do not see in it special need.

Application instructions

Case: black, matte gold plus gloss — simple, stylish and expensive

Its nice to get out of her purse and show off to friends:)very tiny size takes up little space even in the smallest pocket.

How it’s great “ posing”, dozens of pictures everywhere impeccable 🙂

A transformer for girls.

Fruity aroma, very pleasant and easy. Lies flat even on the skin with peeling, immediately blocks the pigment.

I would attribute it to vysokomehanizirovannyh.

And yet it is more “terlago”

The finish of the “live” matte lip velvet:) noble and fashionable.

The color in the stick is identical to the color on the lips.

Soft and dense texture, glides on the lips like a smooth canvas. One light touch gives a rich and dense layer of color.

Shade: volumetric, warm, full-bodied red. There is no yellow or orange potona.

Immediately after applying a small satin glow, literally seconds of “sits”, fixed turning into a matte finish.

Photo girlfriend Natalia and her ‘plump’ lips’

I don’t use color correction to skin and other editors that would embellish. Everything is natural as it is.

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Durability is average but behaves wonderfully after a snack. Beautiful color coming off, not going to fall asleep anywhere and not smeared. Update it easy to layer without problems.

In my humble opinion, the novelty more than succeeded.

I’m happy to have boasted to close friends. And I want zatestit a couple more shades.

Weight 2.2 g

Thank you all for your attention to my reviews.


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