She’s a mother! Why the winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine — 2018” deprived of the crown

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Veronica Dedusenko

At the end of September in Kiev chose the winner of the title “Miss Ukraine — 2018”. The most beautiful Ukrainian woman then became 23-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Veronica Didushenko. It was supposed to represent the country at the beauty contest “Miss world”, which is the sixth of December will be held in China on Hainan island. However, after just four days after winning Veronica was disqualified.

The fact is that during filling the questionnaire, she reported that never married and has no children have. Meanwhile it turned out that Dedusenko have a four year son from his first marriage. So, giving personal information, she lied to the organizers… it was deprived of the title and crown.

Veronica Dedusenko

Among the many rules for contestants one of the most significant remains the condition that the girl should not be her husband or children. Only in this case beauty most of the world of beauty pageants can wear the title of “miss”. The Executive Director of the organizing Committee of the contest Victoria Kios announced at a press conference on 24 September that the jury of the National beauty contest “Miss Ukraine — 2018” September 30, re-elected the winner:

The organizer has the categorical right to exclude from among the candidates participating in those providing false information or not providing the information. Veronica Dedusenko has provided false information, confirming the signed agreement that is not married and has no children.

Veronica Dedusenko

Veronica with the “sanctions” was strongly disagree. Dedusenko, said he believes the condition in which the participants of the contest “Miss Ukraine” must have no experience of married life and children, discriminatory and humiliating.

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Later, Veronica explained why she decided to hide from the organizers of the competition, the fact that she has a child. She said that she wanted to draw attention to his social project “Little Einsteins”, which is aimed at helping children.

Veronica Dedusenko

I’m really sorry. I want to apologize that you were not completely honest that is not given opportunities to know themselves to the end. What is not told about what is the meaning of my life. This is my little son whom I love very much, she said at a press conference.

Child no one was hiding. These photos were on the page my mom, and it’s a miracle that no one noticed them before. I think that this is a sign from God. Now I have to make every effort to ensure that this discriminatory rule was abolished, — said Veronica.

Started to fill out the questionnaire and saw a requirement, which shocked me. The requirement to not have children. In the yard in 2018. Many girls dream of entering the beauty contest. But for people like me, mom, it becomes impossible. But it is absurd, those who have children, are unable to participate in the contest. Some say that I had the opportunity to Express their disagreement before completing this form. But if I hadn’t got the crown and if I had not gone all the way, I’m sure our meeting would not be this issue would not have received such huge publicity, she explained.

Now, Dedusenko going along with her lawyer and lover (PR Gennady Hen, who promoted the Ukrainian participants of the contest “Eurovision”) to collect documents and to contact the organizers of the competition, so they changed the rules. She stated that she wants “to fight discrimination, to any woman not experienced such humiliation.”

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30 September in Kyiv the final of the contest “Miss Ukraine — 2018”, this time the winner was 19-year-old hair stylist from the Kherson region Leonila GUZ.

Leonila GUZ

My win says that never stop believing in yourself! — wrote the new “Miss Ukraine” in his Instagram.

Leonila GUZ

However, passion is not abated. Many users alarmed that GUZ was a beauty Queen, although initially the girl was not included even in the top three. As it turned out, then the jury thought that Leonila is not fluent in English, compared to other participants, which means that it will not be able to perform successfully in international competition on Hainan island.

Leonila GUZ

Meanwhile, Veronica Dedusenko, originally awarded to the winner of evil to the new owner of the crown does not hold. She congratulated Leonilo GUZ with a victory in the social network:

We lived 10 days together! We sleep and Wake up together! We reached the final together! Congratulations! We won together. You know I wanna know I trust and love.

Veronica Dedusenko and Leonila GUZ

Leonila GUZ

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