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Restart Shiseido last year I think the loudest event. Swept like a whirlwind and left a huge vish sheet after release. What should I do reduce it a bit. For the very first time I decided to try a pencil-kajal-liner and lipstick, today I will tell you about the palette and paint the lipstick.

Essentialist Shiseido Eye Palette 03 Namiki Street Nature

The shadows wanted in the first place, because it is my favorite cosmetic product. It was especially interesting to compare the old and new version of shadows old Troika was incredible and loved by many. Pearl Shine, fine grind, perfect feather, unusual combination of colors.

What in reincarnation? The first thing that you notice is, of course, packaging. Black, matte, concise — I rejoice, I love these style boxes. As for shades, in the range of 8 variations, obvious to me for purchase was the one and only — my. I wouldn’t choose any other colors, I’ll hope for the new collection, but look-look))

Palette pure classic, no bright accents. For fall just fire, but generally fine at all times. The first three shades of satin, and the fourth is Matt. Don’t like matte shadows. But, going forward, this is the perfect matte.

Eyeshadow lot — sectors of size 2*2 cm will be consumed forever.

Grinding the smallest, but with the old version they do not compare, they are just different. More tightly compacted less friable. Nevertheless, perfectly typed on native brush, those are also old and made of natural cloth:)

In the TX shadow absolute standouts. Easy to apply, great tushuyutsya in different variations. They can be laid like a veil, and may be layered to fully saturated colors, I prefer the latter option. For such a good pigmentation to give me additional points.

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Satin finish, delicate. As in the best Japanese traditions.

On the basis of holding any long do not fade and crumble.

Shiseido LaquerInk LipShine 307 Scarlet Glare

This shade and all the product I looked at a brand new booth during the opening of Sephora in Saint-Petersburg. Then cart the robust design has been enriched with new shades. And as soon as took off the 50% share, I immediately crossed out 2 from the list.

And, by the way, when parcel arrived, I was a little taken aback, seeing the 307 shade. Immediately crept into the question “how many glasses of champagne I drank before I liked this shade???” Warm red, well, where am I is. I love the cold red lipstick (by the way, I think to show his collection, nnada?). But as soon as the make-up and immediately realized I definitely made the right decision.

Case tiny, just a little bit. The sponge is narrow, firm, rounded. It is very convenient to draw the contour of the lips.

Miniature product miniature sponge.

Lacquer lipstick overrides the native pigment of the lips at first touch. Stained them exactly the same from the first stroke. To paint such a vivid shade of lips for a minute and low stocks. Lipstick is just perfect. Lips with her soft, smooth, super-glossy.

Lasts a long time, most importantly it does not eat nor drink. Of course, leave their mark on the Cup. Moisturizes and protects lips. Very comfortable to wear, I even think to look at lighter shades on povsednevku.

Swatch of eye shadow and lipstick (the shade applied on bare skin without base):

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Just look at these pearly tints:

The first version of the makeup using a green shade:

That’s what was painted:

The second option is more classic, and lipstick, of course:

Oh, it’s just a delight!

The gloss catches the light with all its facets:

That’s what was painted:

Stay Tuned, I haven’t played enough of Shiseido))

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