Shiseido Eyeliner Inkstroke VI605 Purple Nasubi

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Favorite in the past and in the past a very bright and prolific interesting editions of Japanese brand Shiseido in recent years considerably diminished pace, but please not stopped (especially his recent full revival!). So, last fall, the world saw the cream eyeliner in several colors with an interesting limiter inside, and a very unusual brush.

When I bought the eyeliner after 2.5 months after its release, I thought it took a very long time but you still need to write the review. But since then, another year passed, and here I am finally sharing with you impressions. Eyeliner has been tried far and wide, in different conditions, so a review will be as complete as possible.

As often happens, eyes falling on several shades of the same product immediately. Usually I take everything in pairs. For some reason… And in the case of Shiseido Eyeliner Inkstroke VI605 Purple Nasubi I did not realize that just one. In the list with the hero of the post was still blue and green.

Anyway, this is my classic take eyeliner often in three colors — Burgundy, blue, green. No need to go far, here is one example from a recent, only from YSL. By the way, it’s time to limit myself, or at least to pay attention to other colors and then have a notable overabundance of blue-green and Burgundy colors, but it’s not easy.

Now, Shiseido Eyeliner Inkstroke VI605 Nasubi Purple. The shade is called wine. One of my favorites. To buy such truly can be endless.

Creamy eyeliners I have for you a very long time (as well as other variations). Once started with Bobbi Brown and Elizabeth Arden. Suqqu favor of the latter. They are creamy, firm, rich, comfortable. Of course, I wanted to compare Japanese with the Japanese.

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Unusual metal “box” right in the middle of the jar, is designed to remove the excess from the brush, but she never used it. There is no need. Thin elastic brush gaining product in the optimal quantity, so for me, this device was only decorative unusual thing.

Over time, the brush is a bit rough. I bought the eyeliner in November 2017, and now the eyeliner from the tip is slightly fluffy. Although this point does not affect the line, which leads the brush. Bending arrows are always delicate and graceful.

The texture is soft, uniform. Eventually dries. The line is straight, smooth, almost like butter, but it’s rare, even with cream eyeliners. Any dry shadow falls without any problems. The line is not dim and not smeared and, as I said, the tip of the arrow can be draw easily and gracefully.

In the case of Shiseido Eyeliner Inkstroke VI605 Purple Nasubi convenient to everything. From brushes and textures, to the moment when the arrow is ready. The brush literally draws herself, her eyeliner this helps. In the end, a perfect arrow with a minimum of effort and absolutely no correction. Plus a stable result. Tested in the cold, icy wind, heat, rain… Liner hardens just a moment, there is time for possible fixes, but I’m sure they won’t be needed. Plus always expressive look with a perfectly calibrated shades. Dick Paige tried, well done… by the Way, I wonder what will happen next. Because of the Association of Shiseido with it. But we knew and breakthroughs in the industry and after the change “permanent” leaders, so, fingers crossed and hope for the beautiful new releases.

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Have you tried “novelty”? What are the shades chosen?

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