Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation SPF 15 in shade I20

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This review was written last winter, but with the publication of I have something went wrong, the post never saw the light. But autumn came, and I decided that all the same will publish it, and suddenly someone come in handy. In addition, my decision was influenced by two things: first is product, about which speech will go, just more suitable for the season autumn-winter, the second is already out and its updated version, and rumor has it better than the old, so it is worth paying attention to.

So, we will focus on matching tone with Shine effect

Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation SPF 15 in shade I20.

This Foundation with elements of the mark, released in 2014 in their most expensive line of Future Solution LX. I know that even then many were confused by packaging format — glass jar, and, Yes, of course, she loses the usual tubes and bottles with dispensers. Most of all I mind the fact that the jar is only good for home use because to take her with me to travel quite uncomfortable. About gaynicotche packaging will not argue, because I never bothered jars with the usual creams and that I’ve endured. But I must say that it is not for applying in a hurry, but rather for a special ritual.

To set the tone from the jar, the manufacturer put a small, but quite suitable shoulder blade.

I can not mention the gorgeous scent of the cream. It certainly is a pleasure when using.

Here is the staff of the Foundation:

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The cream is claimed not only as a decorative coating, but also a means to combat signs of aging and has a lifting effect. What can I say. For all my feeling cream is very well cares for, and protects, especially in winter, and the fact that it has spf 15, is definitely plus, and this is enough for me for winter.

My skin is prone to dryness, so it’s very important to tone not drying, and it does not dry, and if there is peeling, hides them, and the end result cleans. This is another important thing for me plus, because in the winter I use tools with retinol and they inevitably cause peeling.

In addition, this Foundation is very comfortable on the face, and despite its density, on the skin I don’t feel it.

My version of the cream has a tinge I20 natural light ivory, and this classical numbering of the shades from Shiseido. In the updated version numbering is different, created personally for this tone:

But back to the tone of my old version. I think its completely universal for itself — it has a great balance of pink and yellow, it can be safely called a light beige. By the way, for winter is my perfect shade. I think that now it corresponds to 2 neutral.

The texture of the cream is quite dense, but it is plastic, but not easy.

On the one hand, he seems to be easily distributed over the skin, on the other hand, can leave on the face of the strip, and therefore requires very careful application and blending. I find it easier just to do it by hand I can it is best to vary the density and uniformity.

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The cream is thick, so perfectly evens out skin tone, hides pigmentation, manifestations of chuparosa, blue. The finish gives a very nice matte-velvety, but without the mask effect. Looks like you struck a tone and face powder. But why in the name of the claimed glow effect, I’ll never know. Lights in the finish of the Foundation I see.

And like everything in this cream is OK, but then I still see. Not to say that it is very evident, but I could see it (!), this is a big “minus” for me. Very interesting, suffers from this same updated version?

Now let’s see concealer on the face.

bare skinhere you can see how fit me shadeimmediately after application

Close the little seen in the long as I wrote. I think that smooth skin without pores, it will fall perfectly!

Next in the makeup.

I note that the Foundation I apply on bare skin, base and concealer do not use. By the way, resistance is great during the day with it no problem. I was particularly pleased that he is absolutely not affected by the temperature difference — when cold outside, and the room warm. Usually other tone under these conditions, I begin to Shine or to swim, one has to resort to fixing powder. With this Foundation powder I do not need.

And last, notice how the face blurit, not even my worst lens was confused, but in real life this effect is even more obvious.

In my opinion very good, so an updated version I have in mind, considering it to purchase.

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Price: my bottle cost about 3500 rubles with the volume of 30 ml.

Country of origin: Japan.

Evaluation of 5 — (minus for the fact that it is near, in the mirror, I see the cream in the pores)

Thank you for your attention.



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