Shiseido has released a new line of organic cosmetics – BAUM

In Shiseido is scheduled for 30 may 2020 release of a new series of organic cosmetics BAUM, which should fill a sector of premium products Japanese cosmetics company. The new series will consist of 27 products (45 items), produced and distributed ETWAS CO., LTD.

The concept of the new series BAUM based on the beliefs of Japanese culture in “the power of trees”, which is that this plant is able to exist, gracefully adapting to the environmental changes and living for hundreds of years. Based on the concept “coexistence with nature” that the Japanese appreciate for several centuries, the brand aims to create a sustainable society, which fully complies with cultural traditions, but also literally saves the trees, in other words, the world for the future.

Means for skin care maintain healthy skin regardless of age and gender, paying particular attention to three key characteristics of trees: “water storage”, “growth” and “environmental protection”. The origin of more than 90 percent of the formula are of natural origin. Cosmetic line BAUM contain parabens, silicones or synthetic dyes.

The casing is made with natural aromas of trees, which calms and relaxes the body, bringing pure harmony between mind and skin as the “forest bath”. One of the types of therapy used in Japan to deal with stress, which consists in walking in silence through the woods.

Wrapping products Shiseido has partnered with Karimoku Furniture Inc., manufacturer of wooden furniture in Japan. The company uses recycled wood waste. Thus, the cosmetics giant is taking steps to reduce the impact on the environment, using reusable packaging, PET bio-based plastic bottles, and recycled glass for glass bottles.

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The shop sells the products of BAUM developed in reconception that the cosmetics. It aims to give customers a moment of peace, feeling the natural flexibility and beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. It is space and provide the experience, by providing visitors first-class comfort, the ability to taste food and breathe in the soothing aromas.

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