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Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido announced that developed a new active ingredient that improves skin texture and rejuvenates it. To create a new ingredient, Stemlan-173, it took 12 years. In Shiseido said they plan to include a new component in future products.

“In the future, Shiseido will apply the new discoveries to the development’s skin care as an effective technology that will help different users to rejuvenate their skin” – said in a press release.

Shiseido scientists have conducted studies focusing on the basal membrane for 30 years. They were able to establish that damage to the basal membrane by UV light causes the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. The development of a new active ingredient began after the company discovered laminin-511, a key component of epidermal basement membrane which exists between the epidermis and dermis. This substance is vital for skin rejuvenation. The company believes that it is the first who discovered and explored laminin-511.

At Shiseido claim that laminin-511 is responsible for the maintenance of epidermal stem cells, but loses its properties when exposed to ultraviolet light and aging. In addition, damage to the basement membrane negatively affects stem cells, which in turn worsens the condition of the skin.

According to a press release, researchers at the cosmetic companies have spent 30 years in this study, which ultimately led to the discovery of the ingredient Stemlan-173 (hydroxyethyl-imidazolidinone) with the ability to effectively protect laminin-511от degradation. To do this, it took them 12 years and analysis of more than 20 000 different active ingredients.

Shiseido confirmed that Stemlan-173 rejuvenates the skin and improves its General condition, protecting from degradation of laminin-511 and reduce the number of epidermal stem cells. In a study conducted by the company, the test subjects experienced a “significant” improvement in skin texture.

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In addition, the research team sought to find an ingredient that could promote the production of laminin-511. After testing 180 extracts of natural origin team determined the effectiveness of the seaweed extract, which consists of extracts of green, red and brown algae.

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