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Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido hopes to attract new customers through its “medicinal” hybrid Foundation. In addition, the company announces its intention to create a whole new market of hybrid of cosmetics.

New Medicated Care Hybrid Foundation is a product that is used as a tonal framework, but also designed to provide “therapeutic” effect in skin care. “We would like to create a new market, adding new value to our products. This is part of our commitment to creating a unique beauty for each consumer through continuous innovation, – said the representative of Shiseido. – So far, Foundation is mainly used to improve the visible surface of the skin and convenience. Medicated Care Hybrid Foundation provides therapeutic effects in the care of the skin, in addition to beautiful makeup.”

The company released a new Foundation under the trademarks HAKU and d program, which is available in Japan and Asia. “These brands meet the special needs whitening and care of sensitive skin and was chosen because we would like that our Foundation could also provide these advantages”, – said the representative of the manufacturer.

In addition to good makeup, medicinal hybrid Foundation, according to the manufacturer, is an effective solution for skin problems such as spots, freckles, rough skin or pimples. Moreover, it is safe, because in Japan drugs may consist only of ingredients approved by the Ministry of health, labour and social welfare of the country.

Shiseido sure that hybrid cosmetic – potential market segment for further development. In the study, the company found that Japanese women wear Foundation an average of 3500 hours per year. However, 60% of consumers do not use or use small amounts of this product, because I believe that it is harmful to their skin.

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Although the company hopes to be able to bring a hybrid Foundation as a medicinal means of decorative cosmetics in other markets, this product will be sold exclusively in Japan, while Shiseido will not be able to overcome the difficulties of regulation in other markets.

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