Shiseido is studying the effect of oxidative stress on human skin

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The company together with scientists from Institute of technology Tohoku has succeeded in studying the effects of oxidative stress, which accumulates in the skin due to damage caused by, for example, ultraviolet radiation. Oxidative stress is the process of cell damage by oxidation due to free radicals.

The team of researchers were able to determine differences in the effects of oxidative stress on different parts of the skin. In addition, the researchers found that the level of oxidative stress increases with age and is closely linked to the formation of wrinkles. Shiseido will continue research and development based on this discovery, for use in various fields, such as the development of appropriate products for skin care and sunscreen in accordance with the characteristics of oxidative stress for each patch of skin.

The skin generates extremely weak light, called biophotons (UPE), which is invisible to the human eye, however, this weak light is amplified by oxidative stress. In 2018 with the help of ultra-sensitive cooled CCD camera is a non-invasive Shiseido captured image biophoton and accurately visualized oxidative stress of human skin. Thanks to this technology scientists, the company was able to visually prove that sunscreen protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress, and extract of green tea leaves contained in cosmetics, suppresses oxidative stress, which accumulates in the skin as a result of such damage.

A group of researchers assessed oxidative stress in individuals and found that the skin between the eyebrows and around the nose are most vulnerable to oxidation compared to the other that, perhaps, is due to the fact that the face area is more exposed to UV radiation, and also contain a lot of sebum. This suggests the importance of appropriate care depending on the area of skin, for example, frequent use of sunscreen and careful care of skin.

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Using this measurement technology, the team evaluated the oxidative stress of the skin around the eyes of women in each age group and found that its level increased in accordance with age and higher levels of stress causes active wrinkles.

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