Shiseido is studying the properties of retinol to eliminate wrinkles on the skin of the neck

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At Shiseido claim about the effectiveness of retinol in reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the neck, which, according to the company, are increasingly becoming a problem for women, judging by the results of her latest research.

As the only company in Japan that has permission to manufacture and sell products containing retinol as active ingredient, Shiseido is actively pursuing research to study the characteristics of the impact and effectiveness of this substance.

A recent study has shown that cosmetics with retinol to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the neck over a period of eight weeks of use. After further observation, the research team noticed that the wrinkles continued to decrease through 12 weeks. In addition, the participants of the study claim that the wrinkles have not returned even after two weeks after they have ceased to apply a product containing retinol, which confirms the lasting effect of its application.

Before that, Shiseido conducted a survey of 1,600 women showed that about 70% of them believe the neck is an important indicator of age. The results prompted the company to conduct another study, which scientifically confirmed that there is a connection between neck wrinkles and age.

It is worth noting that Shiseido has received recognition from the Ministry of health, labour and welfare of Japan for the development of formulation anti-aging agents with retinol in 2017. Last week, Shiseido was awarded the highest award in the category of Basic Research Podium Presentation at the 30th Congress of the IFSCC, setting a world record for number of victories at the IFSCC.

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The company managed to win 26 awards in the history of participation in IFSCC. In the past the company has received awards for innovations such as practicewas lipstick and water resistant sunscreen, which led to the development of many cosmetic products, which are now used by consumers worldwide.

According to Mintel, the market of anti-aging cosmetics in Asia will continue to grow with the growth of the aging population of the region. In 2016, the Asia-Pacific region was launched more than a third of all cosmetic products, with the claimed anti-aging properties. Thus, this region is the second largest active area for innovation to combat the signs of aging, as South Korea and Japan lead in this regard.

“Ageing is a global problem, especially in South Korea, Japan and China, countries that suffer most from the increase of population in old age – said Sharon quôc, senior analyst, innovation at Mintel. – The growth of the aging generation in the region opens up opportunities for beauty brands and personal care products seeking to benefit from it.”

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