Shiseido Lipstick 506 ModernMatte Powder Matte lipstick

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How many lipsticks was not always want to find a better, more comfortable or, at least, to expand your cosmetic experience.

Stylish hard case invariably pleases the eye with a minimalist design and a strong magnet does not even open up the lipstick in her purse, and the observation of how we extend the cap to the base with a characteristic loud sound works better than any antistress.

The lipstick is an interesting stick, a little expanded at the base, and square tapered cut really helps to paint the lips.

The texture of the lipstick is very tight to put on the lips, it is necessary to make efforts so that the stick starts to slope a bit behind the movement of the hands. Though the manufacturer promises that the lipstick will melt when applied anything for her, I do not see, in fact, quite difficult to apply.

However, it is very comfortable feel on the lips. Despite my suspicions, that was not the most comfortable stage of application, the lipstick can be enrolled in the list of the most comfortable matte lipsticks. It does not dry and tightens the lips, even if they are not in perfect condition, not peeling stresses, tightly envelops and overlaps the first touch of your lip color.

The first few minutes you feel that something is on his lips, but then she sits, and you stop noticing it.

Lasts about 6-7 hours, it can safely eat, without fear that the lipstick is ugly eating. By the end of the day, the reflection in the mirror is not nearly as flawless as it was originally, but the remnants of the color will stay until you wash.

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Shade is another variation of ideal Nude, which makes the lips a little brighter and more noticeable. I see it as a beige with splashes of terracotta. The color is dense, perhaps even sometimes too, so more than one layer is applied it is not desirable, and it begins to look like stucco that will crack.

The finish is matte, but not dull, rather, such a powdery coating.

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Summary: that Is basically the only product that pleased with the line of the brand. Not to say that I experienced incredible love this lipstick, but the version is very decent, it is nice to use, especially when you have no time to touch up lips throughout the day. However without the discount I would buy it did not, but for 1500 p., as it is often represented in different networks, very and can.

Price: 2590 without discounts

Rating: 5-

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