Shiseido received a patent for metal-free makeup tools


In Shiseido has developed a number of tools for makeup from the resin with reinforcing additives, including Nipper eyelash curler, scissors, tweezers and forceps, is intended for consumers with allergies or high sensitivity to metal.

In its international patent, the company indicated that tools for make-based resins are an alternative to traditional metal products that can cause adverse reactions among consumers, poorly tolerate contact with metals. It is important to note that the design of new tools, including tongs for Curling lashes, kept the traditional shapes, sizes and mechanisms, which are used by consumers.

The Shiseido representatives also stated that Curling of the eyelashes, the design of which would be metal, and resin, has been developed. However, the process of manufacture and Assembly is quite complicated because of problems with scale. Often a combination of the above two materials leads to the fact that the new design is much more traditional tool, so changing the way they use, which is not always convenient. That is why the company engaged in the development of such tools without the use of metal, but with respect for traditional scale and capabilities.

Shiseido also has been testing new instruments on a small number of subjects to determine the average pressure clamping, which is achieved using a metal eyelash curler, and Then the specialists of the company worked on computer prediction models to design and structure required to support this action when using resin instead of metal.

“Adding fiber glass or carbon fiber increases rigidity that prevents deformation and destruction of the material resin, – said the representative of the company. – Therefore, it is possible to achieve a pressure close to that which ensures the metal between the lashes”.

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Thus, in the design of such tools can be used a number of resins, “as long as they can be mixed with fiber”. Resin, including polyamide, PPS or peek is simple, was the most suitable options for production. In Shiseido said that the mix should include 30% or more by weight resin and 65% or less of fiberglass.

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