Shiseido visionary gel lipstick, gel lipstick. Shade 211 Rose Muse

Suddenly I discovered Shiseido brand new gel lipstick Visionary Gel.

Black hard case, sleek red stripe brand hefty and format create a feeling of luxury. The lipstick is pleasant to hold in hands, you know that in the hands of Lux.

Shade, in my opinion, universal. I haven’t been able to find any Nude, I think, thanks to the Japanese brand I found.

Lipstick use more than 2 months. The texture is soft, gel that can easily be broken. So the stick is not desirable to twist more than necessary for the application.

Despite the fact that lipstick is gel, it looks like almost immediately after application. But within 5-10 minutes the lipstick dries, and leaves a glossy finish. All the remaining time on the lips the lipstick looks matte.

Despite the fact that my lips were not in the best condition, a little dehydrated and signs of a cold are felt. Gel texture falls as evenly as possible, softening and nourishing dry areas. Beyond the outline of the lipstick does not spread, the main thing — just to hold a straight line. Throughout the time of wearing the gel lipstick Visionary Gel softens your lips, not dry and creates a comfortable feeling, despite the wind and cold. Usually in bad weather my lips crave for more food. But lipstick perfect substitute for nutrient balsam for lips and for me this is a great discovery!

Despite the fact that my lips are not plump and the upper lip not outlined a clear outline, the lipstick does not spread and lying flat.

Visionary Gel — lipstick that not only gives color to lips but also to care of comfort, soothes and nurtures even chapped lips. Has a high resistance, about 3-4 hours. Even the snack is not able to destroy it. All the time lipstick on your lips, softens and soothes, even in moments of tightness and dryness no discomfort.

In the first few minutes the gloss disappears, leaving a rather matte or satin finish. It does not flow into the folds, even considering the condition of my lips at the moment.

A great lipstick that can replace the lip balm, to give color and high durability!

One of my best beauty finds for the year 2018.

My rating it 5+!

Price: 1199 rubles with the discount

Manufacturer: Japan

Color: Rose Muse 211

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